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herebedragons - A basic 3D scene implemented with various engines, frameworks or APIs.

  •    C

Hic sunt dracones. This repository contains multiple implementations of the same 3D scene, using different APIs and frameworks on various platforms. The goal is to provide a comparison between multiple rendering methods. This is inherently biased due to the variety of algorithms used and available CPU/GPU configurations, but can hopefully still provide interesting insights on 3D rendering.

Classic Mario for DS


A simple Mario Brothers homebrew clone for the Nintendo DS.

CityOfThieves - Text adventure game, after the book 'City of Thieves' by Ian Livingstone

  •    C++

City Of Thieves is a text adventure game after the English gamebook with the same name by Ian Livingstone. There is need for some testing and spelling corrections. Create a new Issue or email @richelbilderbeek.