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TNN - TNN: developed by Tencent Youtu Lab and Guangying Lab, a uniform deep learning inference framework for mobile、desktop and server

  •    C++

TNN: A high-performance, lightweight neural network inference framework open sourced by Tencent Youtu Lab. It also has many outstanding advantages such as cross-platform, high performance, model compression, and code tailoring. The TNN framework further strengthens the support and performance optimization of mobile devices on the basis of the original Rapidnet and ncnn frameworks. At the same time, it refers to the high performance and good scalability characteristics of the industry's mainstream open source frameworks, and expands the support for X86 and NV GPUs. On the mobile phone, TNN has been used by many applications such as mobile QQ, weishi, and Pitu. As a basic acceleration framework for Tencent Cloud AI, TNN has provided acceleration support for the implementation of many businesses. Everyone is welcome to participate in the collaborative construction to promote the further improvement of the TNN reasoning framework. Chinese OCR demo is the TNN implementation of chineseocr_lite project. It is lightweight and supports tilted, rotated and vertical text recognition.

Ultra-Light-Fast-Generic-Face-Detector-1MB - 💎1MB lightweight face detection model (1MB轻量级人脸检测模型)

  •    Python

This model is a lightweight facedetection model designed for edge computing devices. The training set is the VOC format data set generated by using the cleaned widerface labels provided by Retinaface in conjunction with the widerface data set (PS: the following test results were obtained by myself, and the results may be partially inconsistent).

ncnn-benchmark - The benchmark of ncnn that is a high-performance neural network inference framework optimized for the mobile platform

  •    CMake

2.Loop a hundred times to take the minimum value of Inference time-consuming. If you build demo for linux success,and want to run the benchmark demo.

mobilefacenet-mxnet - 基于insightface训练mobilefacenet的相关步骤及ncnn转换流程

  •    Batchfile


mtcnn_ncnn - 基于ncnn框架搭建win及android端的MTCNN人脸检测工程

  •    C++


Real-ESRGAN-ncnn-vulkan - NCNN implementation of Real-ESRGAN

  •    C

Real-ESRGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for General Image Restoration. We also optimize it for anime images. If Real-ESRGAN is helpful in your photos/projects, please help to ⭐ this repo or recommend it to your friends. Thanks😊 Other recommended projects: ▶️ Real-ESRGAN: A practical algorithm for general image restoration ▶️ GFPGAN: A practical algorithm for real-world face restoration ▶️ BasicSR: An open-source image and video restoration toolbox ▶️ facexlib: A collection that provides useful face-relation functions. ▶️ HandyView: A PyQt5-based image viewer that is handy for view and comparison.