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react-native-navbar - Navbar component for React Native

  •    Javascript

Simple customizable navbar component for react-native

NativeBase - Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native

  •    Javascript

NativeBase is a sleek, ingenious and dynamic front-end framework created by passionate React Loving team at Geekyants.com to build cross platform Android & iOS mobile apps using ready to use generic components of React Native. What is really great with NativeBase is that you can use shared UI cross-platform components, which will drastically increase your productivity. When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box.

native-starter-kit - React Native Starter App with NativeBase + CodePush + Redux

  •    Javascript

Note: Shifted to React Navigation from React Native Router Flux in the master branch. React Navigation has become standard for navigation solution in React Native. We are just keeping up with the current trend. No need of reinventing the wheel. To have immediately something to continue building on, it would be best to start from some starter kit for getting React Native - based applications off the ground in a hurry.

react-native-image-header-scroll-view - ScrollView with an image in header which becomes a navbar

  •    Javascript

You can find examples in a dedicated repository. All of the properties of ScrollView are supported. Please refer to the ScrollView documentation for more detail.

react-native-nav - A cross-platform (iOS / Android), fully customizable, React Native Navigation Bar component

  •    Javascript

I created this project after going through the navbars contained in Awesome React and not finding any that were cross-platform, customizable, and integrated the status bar. This project is a spiritual successor to react-native-navbar (I forked it and ended up changing like 90% of it). To find a preview of all examples go to the examples folder.


  •    TypeScript

A small framework for creating a beautiful mobile navigation header to accompany the jQuery.mmenu navigation menu on your website and webapp.Need help? Have a look at the documentation for demos and documentation.

react-navbar - React

  •    Javascript

The secondaryMenuItems are optional. Navbar is react-intl-based. To translate the component, make sure it receives the messages property. The i18n message paths are the values of title-s of menuItems and secondaryMenuItems.

ui-navbar - AngularJS responsive navigation bar with recursive menu and submenu construction defined in json object

  •    Javascript

Build a responsive navigation menu bar with sub-menu in a recursive fashion using ui-router to load partials. The directive can now be used in 3 different ways: buttons or icons, navbar with separated drop-down menu or single tree structure.

navbar-native - a fully customizable navbar component for React-Native

  •    Javascript

A fully customizable Navbar component for React-Native. This package depends on the beautiful Vector Icons for React Native.

polymer-slidenav - A Polymer based web-component for sliding navigation menus.

  •    Javascript

A Web-component for sliding navigation menus built on top of Polymer. Polymer SlideNav provides a flexible, easy to customise base for website and apps menus with sliding animation. Simply add it to the page and easily style it as needed.

Lava-Lamp - A lightweight jQuery animating navigation plugin.

  •    CSS

Description: A jQuery animating navigation plugin. It creates a div that moves when you mouse over an element, giving it an elastic animation. Or download as ZIP.

react-navigation-header-buttons - Easily render header buttons for react-navigation.

  •    Javascript

This package will help you render buttons in the navigation bar and handle the styling so you don't have to. It tries to mimic the appearance of native navbar buttons and attempts to offer simple and flexible interface for you to interact with. Typed with Flow and ships with TS typings. Contains many examples and is available via expo. Sources are in the example folder.

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