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nativescript-vue - Native mobile applications with NativeScript and Vue

  •    Javascript

If you'd like to join them, please consider becoming a backer / sponsor on Patreon. This plugin integrates Vue and NativeScript, allowing you to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps using Vue.

nativescript-vue-template - NativeScript + Vue.js template

  •    Javascript

This repo serves as the starting point for NativeScript + Vue.js projects, using nativescript-vue. While the nativescript-vue project is not up-to-date on npm, you may have to run npm link nativescript-vue in the project folder (like described here).

nativescript-vue-multi-drawer - A NativeScript-Vue component for creating multiple side drawers

  •    Vue

A plugin which provides a drawer component that supports multiple drawers. All drawers are optional, and can be configured individually.

awesome-nativescript-vue - Resources for nativescript vue


NativeScript-vue resource collection. This is a document to be completed together. Collaboration with the "revision" branch.