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chancejs - Chance - Random generator helper for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Many more details on http://chancejs.com but this single library can generate random numbers, characters, strings, names, addresses, dice, and pretty much anything else. It includes the basic building blocks for all these items and is built on top of a Mersenne Twister so it can generate these things with repeatability, if desired.

namae - ☕️ Grab a slick name for your new project.

  •    TypeScript

name new project. namae saves your time searching around registries and checking if the desired name is ready for use.

Smile - :smile: Emoji in Swift

  •    Swift

We would love you to contribute to Smile, check the CONTRIBUTING file for more info.

dnc - A CLI tool to check domain names configuration and statistics

  •    Javascript

dnc (Domain Name Checker), is a CLI tool to check domain names configuration and statistics.If no domains are specified as command line arguments, dnc will attempt to read its configuration file.

username - Get the username of the current user

  •    Javascript

First tries to get the username from the SUDO_USER LOGNAME USER LNAME USERNAME environment variables. Then falls back to $ id -un on macOS / Linux and $ whoami on Windows, in the rare case none of the environment variables are set. The result is cached.Returns a Promise for the username.

validate-element-name - Validate the name of a custom element

  •    Javascript

Custom element names should start with a-z and contain a-z and at least one - with optionally 0-9.You should not use the x-, polymer-, ng- prefixes.

win-release - Get the name of a Windows version from the release number: 5.1.2600 → XP

  •    Javascript

By default, the current OS is used, but you can supply a custom release number, which is the output of os.release().Note: Most Windows Server versions cannot be detected based on the release number alone. There is runtime detection in place to work around this, but it will only be used if no argument is supplied.

rev-file - Get the revved file path of a file

  •    Javascript

Reads the file, MD5-hashes it, truncates the hash to 10 characters, appends it to the filename, and returns the modified path.Returns a Promise for a revved filepath.

scoped-regex - Regular expression for matching scoped npm package names

  •    Javascript

Returns a RegExp for matching scoped package names.Only match an exact string. Useful with RegExp#test() to check if a string is a scoped package name.

npm-available - CLI & module to check if a given module name is available on npm

  •    Javascript

Check if a given module name is available on npm. Available as CLI and module API.Where name is the name of a module you whish to check.

gemoji - Information regarding GitHub emoji: gemoji

  •    Javascript

Gemoji (GitHub Emoji) maps Gemoji short-codes and unicode emoji to objects containing info on their respective category, description, names, and tags....and...

html-element-attributes - Map of HTML elements to allowed attributes

  •    Javascript

Map of HTML elements to allowed attributes. Also contains global attributes under '*'. Includes attributes from HTML 4, W3C HTML 5, and WHATWG HTML 5.Note: Includes deprecated attributes.

html-tag-names - List of known HTML tag-names

  •    Javascript

List of known HTML tag-names. Includes ancient (for example, nextid and basefont) and modern (for example, shadow and template) tag-names from both W3C and WHATWG.The repo includes a script to crawl W3C and WHATWG to include newly introduced tag-names.

html-void-elements - List of known void HTML elements

  •    Javascript

List of known void HTML elements. Includes ancient (for example, nextid and basefont) and modern (for example, img and meta) tag-names from both W3C and WHATWG.Note: there’s one special case: menuitem. W3C specifies it to be void, but WHATWG doesn’t. I suggest using the void form.

iso-639-3 - ISO-639-3 codes in an accessible format

  •    Javascript

ISO 639-3 codes in an accessible format, all of them.Array.<Language> — List of languages.

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