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centreon-plugins - Collection of plugins for softwares compatible with Nagios plugins

  •    Perl

“centreon-plugins” is a free and open source project to monitor systems. The project can be used with Centreon and all monitoring softwares compatible with Nagios plugins.

centreon-vmware - Centreon VMWare connector to check ESX server, VCenter and VMWare guest resources

  •    Perl

“centreon-vmware” is a free and open source project. The project can be used with Centreon and all monitoring softwares compatible with Nagios plugins. It's a Perl daemon in charged to get back VMWare indicators. This program uses the SDK Perl provided by VMWare. You can check one or X entities for each checks. Moreover, you can also "scope" it. It means: i can check the virtual machines of a datacenter(s) and/or a cluster(s).

pylib - Python / Jython Utility Library for my other repos

  •    Python

My personal Python library, full of lots of validation code and utility functions. Only supports Python 2 for now.

prometheus-nagios-exporter - Prometheus exporter publishes Nagios service status read from the mk-livestatus plugin

  •    Python

The Prometheus Nagios exporter reads status and performance data from nagios plugins via the MK Livestatus Nagios plugin and publishes this in a form that can be scrapped by Prometheus. Setup is as simple as installing the livestatus module and then running the nagios_exporter.py service.

netapp-cdot-nagios - Nagios-Checks for monitoring NetApp cDOT-Systems via NetApp Perl API

  •    Perl

Alexander Krogloth <alexander.krogloth at noris.de> for the noris network AG. See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

nagios-plugin-check_borg - nagios plugin to monitor borg repositories

  •    Shell

Check borg repository for date of latest archive. Usable with nagios, icinga2 or any other nagios-fork.

check_equallogic - Nagios plugin to check Dell Equallogic SAN

  •    Shell

See http://www.claudiokuenzler.com/nagios-plugins/check_equallogic.php for official documentation.

check_esxi_hardware - Monitoring Plugin to check the hardware of VMware ESXi servers.

  •    Python

Monitoring plugin to check the hardware on VMware ESX/ESXi servers. This is the public git repository for development of the plugin.

check_smart - Monitoring Plugin to check a hard drive's or SSD's SMART values

  •    Perl

Please go to http://www.claudiokuenzler.com/monitoring-plugins/check_smart.php for a complete and updated documentation. Fork of 2009's check_smart Nagios plugin by Kurt Yoder.

check_zpools - Monitor the usage and status of ZFS Pools (zpools)

  •    Shell

A Nagios/Icinga plugin to monitor ZFS Pools (zpools). It is based on "Check Solaris ZFS Pools" but is completely rewritten. For my environment with different OS using ZFS (Solaris, OpenSolaris, SmartOS, FreeBSD) I needed a Nagios plugin which is running on all OS.

nagios-plugins-rabbitmq - A set of nagios checks for RabbitMQ using the management interface

  •    Perl

This package contains a set of nagios checks useful for monitoring a RabbitMQ server. They use the RabbitMQ management interface over HTTP and therefore have a very light profile on the Nagios server. See the documentation on the RabbitMQ management interface for more details on what it provides.

check_ms_win_tasks - :four_leaf_clover: Monitoring Windows Scheduled Tasks :four_leaf_clover:

  •    PowerShell

Checks Microsoft Windows enabled scheduled tasks excluding defined folders and task patterns, returning state of tasks with name, author, exit code and performance data to Nagios. Production ready.

check_netapp_ontap - :four_leaf_clover: Check NetApp Ontap :four_leaf_clover:

  •    Perl

This Perl script is able to monitor most components of a NetApp Ontap cluster, such as volume, aggregate, snapshot, quota, snapmirror, filer hardware, port, interface cluster and disk health. Production ready.

okconfig - Ready made monitoring packs for Nagios

  •    Python

okconfig a robust template mechanism for Nagios configuration files. Providing standardized set of configuration templates and select quality plugins to enterprise quality monitoring. The developers work hard to make sure templates, packages and plugins and service checks work and don't break when okconfig is upgraded.

check_log_ng - Log file regular expression based parser plugin for Nagios.

  •    Python

A log file regular expression-based parser plugin for Nagios. Originally, this script had be inspired by check_log3.pl. Currentlly, this has different options.

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