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Provenance - iOS & tvOS multi-emulator frontend, supporting various Atari, Bandai, Sega, NEC, Nintendo, SNK and Sony and systems

  •    C++

To get started, please follow the Installation instructions on the wiki. If you run into trouble, check the Frequently Asked Questions and please read up on our Issues Usage first, before posting any new issues.


  •    Javascript

An JavaScript N64 emulator.

gel - The N64-like software renderer

  •    C

Gel (Graphical Emulation Layer) is an N64-like software renderer. Models must be bundled with a single obj file and texture file. The obj file must include vertex normals.

N64Dev Emulator

  •    DotNet

A work in progress C# written Nintendo(R) 64 emulator system.

n64 - Int64 object for javascript

  •    Javascript

Optimized int64 object for javascript.There are a few different int64 libraries which currently exist for javascript. Some native, some non-native. Most are lacking test coverage. n64 gives you a native and non-native version which both have full test coverage.

alt64 - Alternate Everdrive64 Menu

  •    C

alt64 is an open source menu for Everdrive64. It was originally written by saturnu, and released on the Everdrive64 forum. If you want to build the menu, you need an n64 toolchain. We'll use the toolchain recommended by libdragon, with some updated versions.

mm - majora's mask scripts, and some ocarina stuff too

  •    Lua

i like to muck around in the memory of these games. those who are more interested in the ROM may find the binary template repo more resourceful.

Texture64 - N64 Texture Ripper and Editor

  •    CSharp

N64 Texture Ripper and Editor

mupen64plus-libretro-nx - [WIP] Improved mupen64plus libretro core reimplementation

  •    C

Parallel-N64 implements multiple Graphics plugins. There are also code modifications that make it different than standalone mupen64plus. Mupen64Plus uses GLideN64 (a graphics plugin that is not available in Parallel-N64). The emulator code itself is identical to standalone mupen64plus.

spicy - An open-source version of Nintendo64 sdk's mild

  •    Go

An open-source version of Nintendo64 sdk's mild.exe. Assembles segments into an n64-compatible rom. This binary should eventually be a drop in, multiplatform replacement for mild.exe. For information about how to use, see http://github.com/trhodeos/modern-n64sdk.

mupen64plus-input-bot - An input driver for mupen64plus that consumes from a python web server

  •    C

An input driver for mupen64plus that consumes a JSON response from a web server. Intended for use with my TensorKart project that trains an AI using TensorFlow to play the classic N64 title MarioKart 64. Note that all builds expect the mupen64plus-core source code to be available in the same directory.

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