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xmysql - :rocket: One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql Database.

  •    Javascript

Generating REST APIs for a MySql database which does not follow conventions of frameworks such as rails, django, laravel etc is a small adventure that one like to avoid .. Hence this.

DotNetNuke 6.0 MySql Modules


Use DotNetNuke 6.02 with MySQL . Download the database, converted modules, membership provider and Application data blocks.

mysql-cluster - Scalable MySQL Cluster with ProxySQL Load Balancer and Orchestrator

  •    Shell

The JPS package deploys scalable MySQL Cluster that consists of one master database and the required number of slave db containers with asynchronous replication.The current implementation of MySQL Cluster is built using the devbeta/mysql57:5.7.14-latest Docker image.

odktools - ODK Tools

  •    C++

ODK Tools is a toolbox for processing ODK survey data into MySQL databases. The toolbox can either be combined with FormShare as it conveniently stores submissions in JSON format but also can process ODK raw submissions in XML format. The toolbox can also be combined with META to support multiple languages. ODK Tools comprises of three command line tools performing different tasks and six utility programs. The toolbox is cross-platform and can be built in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

MySQL-check - Checks a MySQL database for invalid foreign keys, i

  •    PHP

Checks a MySQL database for orphaned records or invalid foreign keys, i.e., keys pointing to missing rows.

TravianZ - Travian T3.6 , BEST VERSION EVER | Server restarted ! Speed 50x , Troops 50x.

  •    Smarty

We strongly recommend using a dedicated hosting for this game. Big Travian servers used to host thousands of players and the original servers still had about 300ms page display time. The legacy code in this clone (which was created in 2013) is right now doing about 400 MySQL queries (questions to the database) per single page refresh - which is usually well beyond what most shared hostings can support with a big enough player base. We are usually available to chat at our Gitter channel, if you like to ask any questions or just talk to the developers about how great their day is today :) As for bug reports, please use the Issues tab and create new issue, whether it's an error in game or you have a feature request to be included in the play.

docker-lamp - Debian 9, Apache 2

  •    VCL

This docker setup works with Debian 9, Varnish 5.2/5.1/5.0/4.0, Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2/7.1/7.0/5.6, MySQL 8.0/5.7/5.6/5.5/ and Redis 4.0/3.2/3.0. This setup have Mailhog and phpMyAdmin as helper tools. This is keopx Docker Drupal optimized images for apache-php with varnish and MySQL.

go-mysql-crud - Example crud operation using Golang and MySql

  •    Go

First clone the repo then go to go-mysql-crud folder. After that build your image and run by docker. Make sure you have docker in your machine.

wordpress-cluster - Highly Available and Auto-scalable WordPress Cluster

  •    PHP

Click the Deploy button below, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Jelastic Public Cloud providers and press Install. Note: If you are already registered at Jelastic, you can deploy this cluster by importing the the package manifest raw link within the dashboard.

Elective-manager - This is the Elective Manager which will be used for Elective allotments [UG electives (Open electives, Departmental elective) and PG electives]

  •    CSS

This project named Elective Manager, is an open source project. It will be used to allot the Elective subjects to undergraduate as well as post-graduate students. These elective subjects are published by the departments and are allotted to students based on their priority of published subjects and CGPA. Admin will open registration for Departmental Admin (will use an authorization key for registration, it'll be a Hash). This key will be generated automatically, Admin will have a separate interface to generate the key (dynamic creation of it). Admin is given the power to delete any user(student/department).

sequelize-bookmarks - Sequelize ORM application with Express 4 server, Webpack and Vue.js

  •    Javascript

A Javascript (Node.js) application with a MySQL database and Vue.js client application, bundled courtesy of npm and Webpack. There are two database models, Author and Book. Each is represented by a MySQL table.

Gosora - A super fast yet feature packed modern forum software written in Go

  •    Go

The initial code-base was forked from one of my side projects, but has now gone far beyond that. We've moved along in a development and the software should be somewhat stable for general use. Features may break from time to time, however I will generally try to warn of the biggest offenders in advance, so that you can tread with caution around certain commits, the upcoming v0.1 will undergo even more rigorous testing.

ginbro - Converting a MySQL database'schema to a RESTful golang APIs app in the fastest way

  •    Go

Ginbro is a scaffold tool for Gin-Gorm-MySQL which you just need to input one command to create a mighty RESTful APIs App.

Activity - A PHP API to log anything anywhere

  •    PHP

This script is currently over active development and it is currently in a beta test process. If you find any errors, please open an issue or, if you don't want to register on Github, open a ticket on my support center or send me an email to support@miguelpiedrafita.com.

genealogy - Genealogy data processing and family tree management

  •    Vue

[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework.svg)](https://travis-ci.org/laravel/framework) [![Total Downloads](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/d/total.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Stable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/stable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![Latest Unstable Version](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/v/unstable.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework) [![License](https://poser.pugx.org/laravel/framework/license.svg)](https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/framework)

iOS-MySQL-Client - iOS MySQL client

  •    Objective-C

Simple Objective C wrapper for using mysql database on iOS platform. In the sample project you can found mysql_connector compiled for iOS platform and Objective C wrapper for this. Also there's example controller and example table classes for db connection and simple working with tables.

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