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mycroft-skills - A repository for sharing and collaboration for third-party Mycroft skills development

  •    HTML

The official home of Skills for the Mycroft ecosystem. These Skills are written by both the MycroftAI team and others within the Community. If you are building Skills, please ensure that you use the Meta Editor for your README.md file. The Skills list is generated from parsing the README.md files.

enclosure-picroft - Mycroft interface for Raspberry Pi environment

  •    Shell

Upon boot, Picroft will search for an Ethernet connection. If none is found, the Wifi Setup process will begin to get the device connected to any available network. Once connected, you must pair the device at https://home.mycroft.ai using the code spoken by the device. You can also read the code on the screen.

mycroft-timer - Mycroft AI official Timer Skill - set multiple named timers

  •    Python

Set named timers for cooking, watering plants, brewing tea and more. Use Mycroft when your hands are messy or you need more that the one timer in your kitchen. Multiple timers are easy to set and track with conversational interactions.

skill-hello-world - Mycroft AI Hello World Skill - use this basic Skill to see how Mycroft AI Skills work

  •    Python

This is a basic Hello Word Skill that takes an Utterance from the user and provides a voice response - a Dialog. This Skill demonstrates the basic directory and file structure of a Mycroft Skill, and is a good first Skill to study if you are interested in developing Skills for the Mycroft ecosystem.

skill-npr-news - Mycroft AI official News Skill, providing the latest news report from your favorite broadcast

  •    Python

Play the latest news from an RSS audio feed. The National Public Radio (NPR) Hourly News is the default feed, or you can chose from the BBC, Associated Press, CBC.ca, CNN, PBS or Fox. Select your favorite at: home.mycroft.ai.

skill-pairing - Mycroft AI official Pairing Skill - connect your Device to home.mycroft.ai

  •    Python

The default backend to provide services for Mycroft users is Home. Pairing a device with Home provides access to privacy-protecting Speech to Text, Wolfram Alpha and other such services, as well as easy configuration for all your Mycroft devices.

skill-personal - Mycroft AI official Personality Skill - answers basic personality questions around Mycroft

  •    Python

This Skill answers some basic origin questions and personality questions around Mycroft AI, allowing the user to learn more about him.

skill-reminder - Mycroft AI official Reminder Skill - set reminders

  •    Python

Flexible reminder Skill, allowing you to set single and repeating reminders for tasks. The reminders are set on the Device, and have no external dependencies.

skill-volume - Mycroft AI official Volume Skill - control the volume of your Device

  •    Python

Control the volume of Mycroft with verbal commands or by spinning the physical button on a Mark 1.

skill-weather - Mycroft AI official Weather Skill, providing weather conditions and forecasts.

  •    Python

Get weather conditions, forecasts, expected precipitation and more! By default it will tell you about your default location, or you can ask for other cities around the world. Current conditions and weather forecasts come from Open Weather Map.

skill-wiki - Query Wikipedia articles

  •    Python

Query Wikipedia for answers to all your questions. Get just a summary, or ask for more to get in-depth information. This Skill uses the Wikimedia API.