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PaperPlane - 📚 PaperPlane - An Android reading app containing articles from Zhihu Daily, Guokr Handpick and Douban Moment

  •    Java

Paper Plane is an Android reading app containing articles from Zhihu Daily, Guokr Handpick and Douban Moment. The project is built on MVP architecture and designed with Material Design style.To open this project in Android Studio, begin by checking out of the branches, and then open the PaperPlane/ dictionary in Android Studio. The following series of steps illustrate how to open the PaperPlane branch.

awesome-android-complete-reference - Awesome Android references for everything like best practices, performance optimization, etc

  •    Java

A curated list of Android Complete References at one place. A complete reference for android developers. Here you can find references about everything you use while Android Development. To the extent possible under law, Amit Shekhar has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

FastHub - FastHub the ultimate GitHub client for Android.

  •    Java

Yet another open-source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub was built from scratch. > FastHub contain Ads, which are disabled by default. You could enable them if you'd like to support the development. Ads currently not available.

android-mvp-architecture - This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVP architecture using Dagger2, GreenDao, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView

  •    Java

This is a boilerplate project aimed to help bootstrap new Android MVP Applications. Feel free to fork this application or use AndroidStarters to create new app using this boilerplate. All pull requests are welcome, make sure to follow the contribution guidelines when you submit pull request.

Protein - :egg: An Android App for Dribbble

  •    Java

Protein is an atypical Dribbble App designed with one cup of simplicity and two spoons of fun. It is fully open sourced but also published on Google Play. You can discuss how-tos and best practices on creating an Android App around Protein. Dribbble API client id, client secret and client access token for flavor open are placed in dribbble_config_open.properties. The property file for flavor play is not committed to git.

Mango - 🏀 An Android app for dribbble.com

  •    Kotlin

Mango is an Android application for Dribbble. Inspired by Resplash, Plaid and Protein.Open the Mango/ directory in Android Studio.

android-base-project - Android LateralView Base Project

  •    Java

Base project built using Dagger2 for Dependency Injection and MVC architecture with Repository Pattern. It has several managers classes that encapsulate features that are usually used in a common project, most using inversion control to decouple the implementation. This project has the most common setttings applied. The main idea is to start any new project cloning this one.

mvp-helpers - :recycle: Helper classes to build Android Apps through MVP pattern in a faster way

  •    Java

View → The View is an interface that contains methods related to UI interaction. Those methods should be implemented in your Activity, Fragment or View. Interactor → The Interactor is the class that do the hard work, all the blocking operations like I/O, Networking, Database Intectations should be done here.

GDDataDrivenView - 数据驱动视图开发在 iOS 平台的实现

  •    Objective-C

使用服务器下发数据动态构建 iOS 原生界面. 该模块开箱即用, 不需要执行初始化配置, 也没有常驻内存开销.

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