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FastHub - FastHub the ultimate GitHub client for Android.

  •    Java

Yet another open-source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub was built from scratch. > FastHub contain Ads, which are disabled by default. You could enable them if you'd like to support the development. Ads currently not available.

Android-Studio-MVP-template - Android MVP template for Android Studio

  •    FreeMarker

This is an Android Studio template for MVP. It is inspired by u2020-mvp-android-studio-template and follows Antonio Leiva's MVP implementation guide for Android. It also implements presenter surviving orientation changes following Antonio Gutierrez's article.

Protein - :egg: An Android App for Dribbble

  •    Java

Protein is an atypical Dribbble App designed with one cup of simplicity and two spoons of fun. It is fully open sourced but also published on Google Play. You can discuss how-tos and best practices on creating an Android App around Protein. Dribbble API client id, client secret and client access token for flavor open are placed in dribbble_config_open.properties. The property file for flavor play is not committed to git.

CleanArchitectureManifest - Description of the main principles and rules for building an Android application using Clean Architecture approach

  •    Java

Here you will find description of the main principles and rules, that are worth following in developing Android apps using Clean Architecture approach. If you want to translate this document to your language, please visit this page.

news-reader-clean - Demonstrating android clean code with MVP, RxJava 2, Room and Repository Pattern

  •    Java

This is a simple news reader Android app to demonstrate Android clean code using MVP presentation layer, RxJava 2, Room and Repository Pattern to support offline first architecture.

Openticator - Another authenticator implementation

  •    Kotlin

My own authenticator implementation written with Clean Architecture and MVP in Kotlin..


  •    Java

This demo aims shows practical way of clean architecture, MVP. This sample aims to demonstrate a number of different Android APIs and concepts.

AndroidMVPKotlinDemo - This demo aims shows practical way of clean architecture, MVP with Kotling.

  •    Kotlin

This demo aims shows practical way of clean architecture, MVP in android with Kotlin. Note: If you have invalid pixabay API Key, you won't see any video in the list.

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