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Ractive - Next-generation DOM manipulation

  •    Javascript

It's a JavaScript library for building reactive user interfaces in a way that doesn't force you into a particular framework's way of thinking. It takes a radically different approach to DOM manipulation - one that saves both you and the browser unnecessary work.

node-express-mongoose - A boilerplate application for building web apps using express, mongoose and passport

  •    Javascript

A boilerplate application for building web apps using express, mongoose and passport. Read the wiki to understand how the application is structured.

uki - Simple UiKit for complex web apps

  •    Javascript

Keep core to bare minimum. Should be under 10KB gziped.. Keep core and common view pack under 30KB gziped.

RailwayJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

  •    NodeJS

Railway is the Node.JS MVC framework based on ExpressJS, fully ExpressJS-compatible. It allows you to build web applications in a similar manner as in Ruby On Rails. It has generators for model, controller, scaffold and supports coffee scripts.

generator-marionette - Yeoman marionette generator a la AMD

  •    Javascript

First make sure you have MongoDB, Node, Npm, Yeoman, Bower and Grunt installed.

lux - Build scalable, Node.js-powered REST JSON APIs with almost no code.

  •    Javascript

A MVC style framework for building highly performant, large scale JSON APIs that anybody who knows the JavaScript language and its modern features will understand. * Inspired by Rails, Ember, and React.

ember-sass-express-starter - Starter project for Ember+Express apps

  •    CSS

Thanks to Ember's Convention-over-Configuration we are quickly able to generate application files with a simple command. That is a huge time saver in the long run.To start a web server, run npm start. Note: MongoDB must be running or else the server won't start. Then visit http://localhost:3000. There are no server-side views, thus you will not see res.render anywhere in the code. The index.html is loaded implicitly from the /public folder. And index.html in turn loads the entire Ember application.

express-struct - MVC project structure on top of express.

  •    Javascript

It defines a strict directories structure for you and maps automatically the routes. Default module is defined in options. Default controller is module name. Default action is controller name.

ukiyoe-web - A rewrite of the Ukiyo-e.org website.

  •    Javascript

This is the new version of the Ukiyo-e.org web site. Uses a Mongodb + Elasticsearch backend. See ukiyoe-models for more information about the models that are used in running the site. MONGODB_URL: The location of the MongoDB server and database where the site's data is stored.

backnode - Express inspired web development framework, built on Backbone and Connect -- experimental

  •    Javascript

Experiment on making Backbone usable in Node. Express inspired web development framework, built on Backbone and Connect.

dijon - An IOC/DI framework in Javascript, inspired by Robotlegs and Swiftsuspenders

  •    Javascript

Dijon is an IOC and DI micro-framework for Javascript. Originally it was meant to be a port of Robotlegs, but deviated to something quite different. It remains however heavily inspired by Robotlegs, and more specifically Swiftsuspenders. Basically it's an object registry, that allows you to define how and when objects are instantiated, functions and handlers are called and what objects should be passed on to other objects (that's the injection thingy).

entity - MVCe

  •    Javascript

An Entity is a high level business unit. Entities are supersets of models and resources. They are persistent storage agnostic and provide a normalized CRUD API with which your consuming services can perform business logic actions. The Entity Object on itself is nothing but an extension of EventEmitter. It can be easily extended to create the Interfaces and base classes from where your business logic entities can inherit.

generator-bbr - Yeoman generator for Backbone.js applications using RequireJS.

  •    Javascript

A Backbone generator that uses RequireJS for Yeoman that provides a functional boilerplate Backbone app out of the box. You also get access to a number of sub-generators which can be used to easily create individual models, views, collections and so on. This is technically a fork of the official Yeoman Backbone.js generator that has been heavily edited to suit my needs and coding style. I've added Jade templating and removed anything that I don't use or that I viewed as unnecessary.