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Tiny Twitter

  •    JQuery

A Tiny Twitter is built by ASP .NET MVC.

NBlog : ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Blog Engine

  •    CSharp

NBlog is an experimental, lightweight blog engine built with ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor, jQuery and C#. It currently uses these components and technologies: - JSON storage - Markdown editor - Autofac IoC - AntiXSS - HTML5 & CSS3 - OpenID - NSubstitute - ELMAH

Mighty Mouse MVC


Mighty Mouse MVC is a sample WinForms application that demonstrates how developers can build applications based on the Model View Controller pattern. It's developed with Visual Studio 2008 in the C# programming language.


  •    LINQ

GotWell HRMS is a web-based open source human resource management system. It includes modules like Basis, Personnel, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Overtime, Training, Recruitment, Authorization and so on. It's developed in C#, MVC, EXTJS, Linq and MS SQL 2005.


  •    DotNet

BBInterfaceNET is a visual designer for building Blackberry user interfaces.


  •    ASPNET

Lightweight ASP.NET content management system. If you are tired of CMS's that are complicated and turn things to be more complicated. If you are like "Oh boy - I wouldn't know where to start :(". Then you should try ZZZ CMS.


  •    DotNet

SoMVC is a template that's help you to create and generate ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application from Database.

Uco Lite - MVC CMS


Uco Lite is CMS for small sites. Based on MVC3, Telerik MVC All Data stored in Xml.

Telerik Extensions For ASP.NET MVC


Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC are UI components, based on jQuery. Available components include Grid, DatePicker, WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Window, TabStrip, TreeView and extensions for CSS and JavaScript compression & combining.

Tahor CRM


A Relationship manager for community based organisations like sporting clubs and church groups.


  •    ASPNET

Use this if you want to quickly learn to implement JQGrid in an ASP.NET App



Blog system based on NoSQL MongoDB database and ASP.NET MVC.



Ezsocio is a free and open source social network software which build on .NET platform. We try to develop a flexible web project to connect friends, to share ideas and files and to organize activities at any time. This project will support a very magic .NET technology.

Track your car expenses with CarTrackr!


CarTrackr is a sample application for the ASP.NET MVC framework using the repository pattern and dependency injection using the Unity application block. It was written for various demos in presentations done by Maarten Balliauw. CarTrackr is an online software application des...

WPF MVC - Wrails !

  •    WPF

an Implementation of the MVC UI design in WPF - let's call it Wrails.... Implemented by Yonatan Betzer - Bacchus Software Design

YABE :: Yet Another Blogging Engine

  •    ASPNET

The objective of this project is to iteratively build a very lightweight MVC based asp.net blog engine. The first version of this engine will only have a very limited functionality to display, add, and edit posts, and comments. In addition there should be support for atom and ...

Multi-Server MVC Elmah Log Viewer

  •    DotNet

An Elmah Log viewer for multiple elmah logs.



levenblog is a simple blog with asp.net mvc.

MVC+jquery Chat

  •    JQuery

Chat plugin written in MVC 1.0 and jquery using SQL Server for MVC applications



ecBlog is a very simple blog application. Just run and use. Technology Choice I developed the site as expected with the MVC and HTML 5. Why MVC? In fact there is no one reason. I developed with one of the many features of MVC . MVC comes with a specific architecture, it ...