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graphqurl - curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL

  •    Javascript

You can use TAB to trigger auto-complete. Ctrl+C to cancel the input and Ctrl+Q/Enter to execute the query. This is a custom GraphiQL where you can specify request's headers.

wp-graphql-woocommerce - Add WooCommerce support and functionality to your WPGraphQL server

  •    PHP

It adds WooCommerce functionality to the WPGraphQL schema using WooCommerce's CRUD objects. Feel free to test out the extension using this GraphiQL Playground. The playground allows you to execute queries and mutations, as well as view the schema.

exnn - An Elixir Evolutive Neural Network framework à la G.Sher

  •    Elixir

The work presented here is strongly influenced by the seminal book Handbook of Neuroevolution Through Erlang by Gene I.Sher, which is a vast source of inspiring concepts and thoughts on the topic. On the other hand I tried to give the whole system a modular and configurable DSL-like approach exploiting Elixir macros and protocols, as well as OTP application components.

muts-needle-plot - A needle plot for mutation data

  •    Javascript

A needle-plot (aka stem-plot or lollipop-plot) plots each data point as a big dot and adds a vertical line that makes it appear like a needle. This library is can be found as npm-library in the BioJS registry.

react-apollo-form - Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.

  •    TypeScript

Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs. Once the files generated, we can setup a Form.

rkmh - Classify sequencing reads using MinHash.

  •    HTML

rkmh performs identification of individual reads, identity-based read filtering, and alignment-free variant calling using MinHash (as implemented in Mash). It is compatible with Mash and sourmash via JSON exchange. We're using rkmh to identify which strains are present in infections with multiple strains of the same virus. rkmh could also be used to remove reads from contaminants or call mutations in novel strains relative to a nearby reference. You could even select out only reads from a pathogen sample contaminated with human DNA.

react-apollo-decorators - Better decorators for Apollo and React

  •    Javascript

Better decorators for Apollo and React. 3 decorators that work on top of Apollo default decorator and make you code in a more declarative way.

universalmutator - Regexp based tool for mutating generic source code across numerous languages

  •    Python

This is a tool based purely on regexp-specified rewrite of code lines for mutation generation, including multi-language rules aided by special rules for languages or even projects. should, if you have the appropriate compilers installed, generate a bunch of valid, non-trivially redundant, mutants.

TCGAmutations - R data package for pre-compiled somatic mutations from TCGA cohorts (from Broad Firehose and TCGA MC3 Project)

  •    R

TCGAmutations is an R data package containing somatic mutations from TCGA cohorts. This is particularly useful for those working with mutation data from TCGA studies - where most of the time is spent on searching various databases, downloading, compiling and tidying up the data before even the actual analysis is started. This package tries to mitigate the issue by providing pre-compiled, curated somatic mutations from 33 TCGA cohorts along with relevant clinical information for all sequenced samples. Only dependency is Bioconductor package maftools and all TCGA cohorts are stored as MAF objects. You can install stable version of maftools package from Bioconductor if you do not have it installed already.

muton - A feature toggle tool with support for feature throttling and multivariance testing.

  •    Javascript

This is the Muton project - a feature toggle tool with support for feature throttling and multivariate testing. You can engineer the genes of your application by meticulously choose what are the best features and create an organic result. With artificial manipulation, or even by random mutations, you will natural select the best version of your application.

selector-observer - Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector

  •    Javascript

Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector. This is especially useful for applying specific calls, e.g. Plugin calls, to further added DOM nodes. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

vue-deepset - Deep set Vue.js objects

  •    Javascript

Note vueModel and vuexModel use Proxy objects if supported by the browser and fallback to an object with generated fields based on the target object. Because of this, it is always best to pre-define the properties of an object when using older browsers. Also note that models are flat and once built can set vue/vuex directly using model[path] = value where path is a lodash formatted path string or path array.

ng-morph - Code mutations in schematics were never easier than now.

  •    TypeScript

Code mutations in schematics were never easier than now. You also need @angular-devkit/core and @angular-devkit/schematics to be installed.

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