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  •    Javascript

This plugin is currently being rewritten. If you are looking for the old version, look at the 1.1.1 tag. Live Query has been rewritten in version 2 to utilize DOM Mutation Observers or fallback to DOM Mutation Events. This covers a nice range of modern browsers and IE9 up. If you need to support less than IE9 then it will fallback to using behaviors to be notified of added and removed elements. This requires setting the $.livequery.htcPath so that it can load the included behavior file.

immutable-css - A css linter for immutable selectors

  •    Javascript

Best practices suggest avoiding overriding styles from vendor libraries to prevent unwanted side effects. Base library styles should not be altered – or as Harry Roberts describes, base styles should be treated as Immutable CSS. See the interactive web app.

Mutation Explorer


In-Del detection program from Sanger sequencing data

fuzzer - a mutating fuzzer for testing

  •    Javascript

A fuzzer for testing. This implements mutation fuzzing, in which an expect input is mutated (changed) many times in order to trigger unexpected behavior or crashes.Generate a mutated version of an object. This does not modify the object directly, but returns a modified copy. This mutation will increment and decrement numbers, randomize arrays, remove properties, and more.

onmount - Safe, reliable, idempotent and testable behaviors for DOM nodes

  •    Javascript

Run something when a DOM element appears and when it exits. No dependencies. Legacy IE compatible. 1kb .min.gz.Run something to initialize an element on its first appearance.

wrist - Minimalistic utility for generic one/two ways data bindings.

  •    HTML

An easy way to bind or react to properties change. It also works with input elements and their value, checked, or disabled too.

removed - Invoke a callback when a DOM element is removed from the document

  •    Javascript

Invoke a callback when a DOM element is removed. Invokes fn when el is removed from the DOM.

ember-cli-Mutation-Observer - :alien: The easiest way to subscribe to Dom changes in your ember components

  •    Javascript

Ember Cli Mutation Observer works in Ember 1.13.9+ or 2.0+, including beta and canary, with no deprecations whatsoever.

dom-shims - Complete and well-tested shims / polyfills for various DOM API's missing in not-so-modern browsers

  •    Javascript

Complete and well-tested shims / polyfills for various DOM API's missing in not-so-modern browsers. Ensures all browsers have classList support for SVG elements, multiple-argument support for add and remove, force-argument support for toggle, and correct length and item values even when the class value is mutated by means other than classList.

mutant - A mutation testing framework for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

mutant is a mutation testing framework designed to help evaluate the quality of test suites for JavaScript applications. babel is used to parse and traverse your code, as well as to generate the mutants based on the mutation plugins you select.

GeneticVariation.jl - Datastructures and algorithms for working with genetic variation

  •    Julia

GeneticVariation provides types and methods for working with datasets of genetic variation. It provides a VCF and BCF parser, as well as methods for working with variation in sequences such as evolutionary distance computation, and counting different mutation types. If you are interested in the cutting edge of the development, please check out the master branch to try new features before release.

observable-membrane - A Javascript Membrane implementation using Proxies to observe mutation on an object graph

  •    TypeScript

Creating robust JavaScript code becomes increasingly important as web applications become more sophisticated. The dynamic nature of JavaScript code at runtime has always presented challenges for developers. This package implements an observable membrane in JavaScript using Proxies.

mutator - mutator is an experimental suite of tools aimed at analysis and automation of C/C++ code development

  •    C++

delf is a custom ELF dump script developed for bruiser. bruiser uses it to interact with ELF files. You can also use the script as a standalone to dump info on the ELF file to stdout. delf is also hosted ona mirror repo here. 'dwasm' is a custom WASM dump script. bruiser uses it to interact with WASM object files. The script is also usable in an standalone manner. dwasm is also hosted on a mirror repo here.

eth-mutants - 👾 A mutation testing tool for Solidity contracts

  •    Javascript

eth-mutants is a mutation testing tool for Solidity contracts. It about performing changes to your code (like replacing a < for a <=) and running your tests. If they pass we say that the mutation lived/survived, which means that you werent checking the condition and you should ensure there is a test case covering it.

js-immutable - 💎Modern IMMUTABILITY for JavaScript. Clean and Elegant🎗

  •    Javascript

Consider the scenario where you have to set a new value to "temporary" field without mutating original state. 📌 Need to keep track of whole state tree just to perform such small modification.

universalmutator - Regexp based tool for mutating generic source code across numerous languages

  •    Python

This is a tool based purely on regexp-specified rewrite of code lines for mutation generation, including multi-language rules aided by special rules for languages or even projects. should, if you have the appropriate compilers installed, generate a bunch of valid, non-trivially redundant, mutants.

mageri - MAGERI - Assemble, align and call variants for targeted genome re-sequencing with unique molecular identifiers

  •    Java

Molecular tagging approach has revolutionized the field of high depth genome re-sequencing by allowing detection of ultra-rare mutations. This pipeline aims at filling the gap in software for analysis of UMI-tagged data. MAGERI implements consensus assembly, alignment and variant calling and allows to process datasets into ready SAM and VCF files in a single command. Its main purpose is to analyze targeted region genome re-sequencing data for tumor heterogeneity and circulating tumor DNA studies, however it can be also applied to other tasks that require accurate rare variant detection. See mageri-paper repository for examples and supplementary data.

hypnos - The best way to test GraphQL calls to RESTful APIs.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Hypnos(beta), a streamlined desktop application to sandbox GraphQL calls to RESTful APIs using the Apollo-link-rest package from Apollo Client, as well as giving detailed, helpful error messages.

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