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zen-server - a lean and mean http router for node.js

Is the main module of ZEN, that there you will find all necessary tools to create web servers with NodeJS. The main difference from others solutions is the not dependency of third modules, very common in NodeJS projects but that ultimately can create problems. Our engagement is use the fewer dependencies and offer our experiences with NodeJS easily and intuitive.

wings - Templating library that works on the server and client closely modeled on Mustache

Wings is a logic-less templating library that works on the server and client. It is based on Mustache, but the syntax is less verbose and a few advanced features are sacrificed for small code size (0.75kb compressed!). The module exposes a single function, wings.renderTemplate(template, data, links). When used with Ender, this function is aliased as $.render, which can also be called on selected elements. In the latter case, the function takes two arguments, and the contents of the element will be rendered as the template and returned.

hulk-hogan - Hogan.js for Express with support for Template Partials.

Project is no longer being maintained. Connect Hogan.js with Express, with support for Partials.