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Perfect-Mustache - Mustache template support for Perfect.

Mustache template support for Perfect.This package is designed to work along with Perfect. It provides Mustache template support for your server.

whisker - {{mustache}} for R

Whisker is a {{Mustache}} implementation in R confirming to the Mustache specification. Mustache is a logicless templating language, meaning that no programming source code can be used in your templates. This may seem very limited, but Mustache is nonetheless powerful and has the advantage of being able to be used unaltered in many programming languages. It makes it very easy to write a web application in R using Mustache templates which could also be re-used for client-side rendering with "Mustache.js". Mustache (and therefore whisker) takes a simple, but different, approach to templating compared to most templating engines. Most templating libraries, such as Sweave, knitr and brew, allow the user to mix programming code and text throughout the template. This is powerful, but ties your template directly to a programming language and makes it difficult to seperate programming code from templating code.

ocaml-mustache - mustache.js logic-less templates in OCaml

ocaml-mustache complies¹ to the latest mustache specification, and is automatically tested against it. ¹: except for lambdas and set delimiters tags.

mustache - Haskell implementation of mustache templates

Haskell implementation of mustache templates. The old Haskell implementation of mustache templates hastache seemed pretty abandoned to me. This implementation aims to be much easier to use and (fingers crossed) better maintained.