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Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration

Mu - A Node.js Mustache template engine (and compiler)

Warning: This version is not API compatible with 0.1. Currently mu does not support changing the tag form ({{ }} to say <% %>).

handlebars-layouts - Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jinja, Nunjucks (Swig), Pug (Jade), and Twig

Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jade, Jinja, Nunjucks, Swig, and Twig.Helpers are generated by passing in your instance of Handlebars. This allows you to selectively register the helpers on various instances of Handlebars.


WhatWeather is a jQuery plugin which provides weather's data. It uses worldweatheronline.com API to get, parse and deliver data in order to create weather's widgets.

Perfect-Mustache - Mustache template support for Perfect.

Mustache template support for Perfect.This package is designed to work along with Perfect. It provides Mustache template support for your server.

minstache - Mini mustache compiling to stand-alone functions

Mini mustache template engine.Compile and render the given mustache string with optional context obj.

scriban - A fast, powerful, safe and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET

Scriban is a fast, powerful, safe and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET, with a compatibility mode for parsing liquid templates.You can install the Scriban Extension for Visual Studio Code to get syntax coloring for scriban scripts (without HTML) and scriban html files.

Stubble - Trimmed down {{mustache}} templates in .NET

Stubble is an implementation of the Mustache template system in C# (but is usable from any .NET language).For a language-agnostic overview of mustache's template syntax, see the mustache(5) manpage.

mustache-render - Grunt plugin for testing mustache templates

This is a grunt plugin to render mustache templates. It takes data in static JSON, static YAML, JS module, or a POJO (Plain Ol' JavaScript Object) format. It allows you to specify a folder for partials, instead of needing to list them individually. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named mustache_render to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

mustache.couch.js - A helper for streaming Mustache templates from CouchDB list functions

A server-side helper for streaming Mustache templates from CouchDB list functions. This repo also contains the browser-side library jquery.couch.listchanges.js for live updating the page via the changes feed. It's designed to play well with mustache.couch.js.

blogdown - Generate HTML with Mustache and Markdown

Read the blog post.Good enough to give it a shot. Feedback, issues and pull requests welcome.

h4e - Hogan for Express, with support for partials

Hogan for Express 3.x (should work with Express 2.x too but I haven't tested it yet), with intelligent support for partials and layouts.You can also add it to your package.json, the latest version is 0.3.0. Here is the npm page.

requirejs-hogan-plugin - RequireJS Hogan / Mustache Plugin

Load mustache / hogan.js templates dynamically during development and compile them during build to achieve greater performance.The plugin code is only required for dynamic load so you can use the r.js setting stubModules to remove the text! and hgn! plugins during build, see test/build.js for example.

streamstache - Mustache + Streams for node and browsers.

Mustache + Streams for node and browsers.Blocks are denoted with {#<key>}...{/<key>} but take on different roles depending on the content in the scope at key.

gulp-mustache - 〰 A gulp plugin that renders mustache templates

This will find a head.mustache in the partials directory next to the current file's directory. Partials loading is recursive.

gulp-hogan - gulp plugin to compile mustache templates

gulp plugin to compile hogan templates. Partials will be rendered recursively, allowing for template inheritance.

flatstache.js - Tiny library to expand flat Mustache.js templates (no sections/partials/etc.)

Also: you can now npm install --save flatstache for all your require('flatstache').to_html(…) needs.