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MusicDNA - A Music Player for android that renders beautiful DNA(Visualization) of the currently playing music

  •    Java

A Music Player for android that makes use of the Visualzer Class for rendering a beautiful DNA (Visualization) of the currently playing music. The Music Player draws inspiration from paullewis's music-dna. The Player uses the FFT Data supplied by the Visualizer class of Android , calculates the Amplitude at that particular moment and plots the DNA.

musicplayer-api - Simple wrapper around Web Audio API providing gapless playback

  •    CoffeeScript

musicplayer-api provides a simple way to implement a gapless music player using Web Audio API. It was originally meant to be used in environments such as electron but may eventually work in a browser. When used in node, musicplayer-api exports an object containing the MusicPlayer class. The same object is set to the mp global if used in a browser.