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evennia - Python MUD/MUX/MUSH/MU* development system

  •    Python

Evennia is a modern library for creating online multiplayer text games (MUD, MUSH, MUX, MUCK, MOO etc) in pure Python. It allows game creators to design and flesh out their ideas with great freedom. Evennia is made available under the very friendly BSD license. http://www.evennia.com is the main hub tracking all things Evennia.

Amuse - A New MU* Client For Windows


Amuse is a new MU* client for Windows XP and Windows Vista, designed in particular for roleplayers on MUSH's and MUCK's. It is currently under active development with unique and interesting features being planned and built.

Government Sanctioned Espionage RPG

  •    C++

Government Sanctioned is a modern SRD-like espionage game server. Visit http://wiki.government-sanctioned.us:8040 for game design and play information or homepage http://www.government-sanctioned.us Government Sanctioned is an online, text-based espionage RPG (similar to a ...

telnet-stream - Transform streams that emit TELNET negotiations as events

  •    CoffeeScript

Although venerable, the TELNET protocol is still in use by some services and expected by some clients. If you need to connect to something that "speaks TELNET", this module offers some simple objects for that purpose. If you need to connect to something that speaks TELNET, but you don't care about options or negotiations, then simply use TelnetSocket to decorate a regular socket. It will filter out all the "TELNET stuff" and pass the remaining data on to you.

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