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openEMSstim - openEMSstim: open-hardware module to adjust the intensity of EMS/TENS stimulators.

  •    HTML

This is the openEMSstim, a hardware board based on an Arduino Nano that modulates the amplitude of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) signals. Here you also find the software that communicates with the board and controls it (android, unity, etc). This board is controllable via Bluetooth and compatible with any BLE device you have (such as your smartphone). It also is controllable via Serial (USB) by plugging in a USB cable from your computer to the Arduino Nano on the board. All the necessary information for getting started is compiled in a step-by-step tutorial, start here.

bioservices - Access to Biological Web Services from Python.

  •    Python

Bioservices is a Python package that provides access to many Bioinformatices Web Services (e.g., UniProt) and a framework to easily implement Web Services wrappers (based on WSDL/SOAP or REST protocols). The primary goal of BioServices is to use Python as a glue language to provide a programmatic access to several Bioinformatics Web Services. By doing so, elaboration of new applications that combine several of the wrapped Web Services is fostered.