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JooJoo Touch Provider for MultiTouchVista


Provides MultiTouch input for FG's JooJoo



Generate Windows 8 Touch from TUIO messages.

Multi-Touch Vista


Multi-Touch Vista is a user input management layer that handles input from various devices (touchlib, multiple mice, TUIO etc.) and normalises it against the scale and rotation of the target window. Now with multitouch driver for Windows 7.

Multi Touch Digit OCR With Matlab Neural Network Wpf Project

  •    DotNet

Multi Touch Digit OCR Project is a wpf project that works on multi touch devices but it works well on normal devices , this project uses matlab core , that creates 4 feed forward neural network and train them with Back Propagation Algorithm for detecting numbers that you draw .

MIRIA SDK - Multi device Input UI controls for Silverlight and Moonlight


MIRIA SDK consist in a set of Multitouch ready and Gestures based User Controls for Silverlight (MIRIA UI) that eventually takes advantage of monoMIG (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mono-mig/) to make possible interaction with other devices like Wii Remote or Kinect Sensor.

Kinect Touch Device


A simple "WPF4 Touch Device" using Kinect with OpenNI & NITE (written in C#). This project makes it easy to transform your WPF4 touch application in "touch less" with the Kinect with little change : replace "Window" base class by "KinectWindow". Currently the Touch Down ...

Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF Multi-Touch Manipulations

  •    Silverlight

Windows Phone / Silverlight Behaviors and WPF samples implementing Multi-Touch Manipulation (Gestures) and Inertia.



MTBrainStorm is collaborative multi-touch mind-mapping tool written in WPF4.0/C#.

Microsoft Surface StarterKit for VB.NET

  •    WPF

Currently you can only create applications for Microsoft Surface in C #. Microsoft Surface Starterkit for VB.NET is an initial project of WPF that implements all the necessary references to create a Microsoft Surface application in Visual Basic. Actualmente solo se pueden c...



A toolkit to simplify the multi-touch application development and testing complexities. It currently supports WPF and Silverlight.

appium-draws-its-logo - In this demo, appium uses multitouch gestures to draw it's own logo

  •    Javascript

In this demo, appium uses multitouch gestures to draw it's own logo

flutter_multi_touch_canvas - Flutter Multi Canvas with Pan/Zoom

  •    C++

If you ever wanted to create a canvas in Flutter that needs to be panned in any direction and allow zoom then you also probably tried to create a MultiGestureRecognizer or under a GestureDetector added onPanUpdate and onScaleUpdate and received an error because both can not work at the same time. Even if you have to GestureDetectors then you will still find it does not work how you want and one will always win. In order to achieve this we need to use a Listener for the trackpad events and raw touch interactions and RawKeyboardListener for keyboard shortcuts.

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