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ivozprovider - IVOZ Provider - Multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers

  •    PHP

Ivoz Provider is a multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers designed for horizontal scaling and load balancing. IvozProvider supports multiple management levels, from Global platform administrator to final user, each of them having its own web interface with visibility to perform configuration tasks.

submongojs - sub-sections of mongodb databases with mongojs

  •    Javascript

Ok. So let's say you're building a personal finance app for many customers, two of which are Alice and Bob. You have to be very careful not to show Alice's expenses on Bob's account, so you MUST always remember to filter by account_id or such. Or you can use this module as following. The module is just one function.

detectify - Detectify is a gem for multi-tenant Rack apps, to help you retrieve domain and subdomain-related data from a database

  •    Ruby

Detectify provides a simple way to retrieve an ActiveRecord entity based on the domain/subdomain request information. It’s a Ruby gem, similar to Houser, that helps you retrieve an Active Record entity from a database with a URL. You know Houser is a multi-tenancy gem that can send database requests using subdomain names. But Houser is a relatively old Ruby library. For modern Rails-based SaaS apps, we wanted more flexibility. That's why we've developed Detectify. For more information, you can read here Detectify review.

triplex - Database multitenancy for Elixir applications!

  •    Elixir

A simple and effective way to build multitenant applications on top of Ecto. Triplex leverages database data segregation techniques (such as Postgres schemas) to keep tenant-specific data separated, while allowing you to continue using the Ecto functions you are familiar with.


  •    CSharp

Finbuckle.MultiTenant is a .NET Standard library for multitenant support designed for ASP.NET Core 2. It provides functionality for tenant resolution, per-tenant app configuration, and per-tenant data isolation. See https://www.finbuckle.com for more details and documentation.

mumuki-laboratory - :microscope: Where students practice and receive automated and human feedback

  •    Ruby

Laboratory is a multitenant Rails webapp for solving exercises, organized in terms of chapters and guides. rbenv is a ruby versions manager, similar to rvm, nvm, and so on.

school-api - Laravel - MultiSchool - Admin (single)

  •    PHP

Before registering a student, the Student Mother will be registered.   A mother can have children of different parents. Enrollments You can enroll a student in a class, OR, enroll several at a time, that is, at the end of the year, approved students may migrate from grade 3 to grade 4.

school-spa - VueJS Interface for using school-api

  •    Javascript

School SPA - Interface for using [School-API](https://github.com/emtudo/school-api)

Dotnettency - Mutlitenancy for dotnet applications

  •    CSharp

You can define how you want to identify the current tenant, i.e using a url scheme, cookie, or any of your custom logic. You can then access the current tenant through dependency injection in your app. In your web application (OWIN or ASP.NET Core), when the web server recieves a request, it typically runs it through a single "middleware pipeline". Dotnettency allows you to have a lazily initialised "Tenant Middleware Pipeline" created for each distinct tenant. In the tenant specific middleware pipeline, you can choose to include middleware conditionally based on current tenant information. For example, for one tenant, you may use Facebook Authentication middleware, where as for another you might not want that middleware enabled.


  •    CSharp

Samples for dotnettency - that demonstrate multi-tenancy and modular applications.