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react-albus - React component library for building declarative multi-step flows.

  •    Javascript

React Albus is a React component library used to build declarative multi-step journeys (also known as Wizards). You define your step content and ordering and React Albus will manage the journey-related state for you. React Albus is otherwise unopinionated and allows you to compose functionality such as routing, animation, and analytics however you see fit.

react-stepzilla - A React multi-step/wizard component for sequential data collection

  •    Javascript

is a multi-step, wizard component for sequential data collection. It basically lets you throw a bunch of react components at it (data forms, text / html components etc) and it will take the user through those components in steps. If it's a data-entry form it can trigger validation and only proceed if the data is valid. as of v4.2.0 you can also use Pure Components but they wont support validation, see Step2.js in the examples directory for more info.

react-native-multistep-wizard - React native component to create a multi-step wizard for multi-step screens or forms

  •    Javascript

Use this to get all the values saved with saveState so far. Retuns an array of dictionary with step number as array key. Use this to go to previous step in the app.