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Kinect Multi-point SDK project


This project entails making the kinect sdk work with the multi-point mouse sdk and mouse mischief and other multimouse applicartions (its really a multimouse implementation of kinect mouse). Allowing the use of a kinect as multiple mice. (4 - 6 people per kinect * number of pe...

Feedback Form

  •    CSharp

Feedback application makes it easier for attendees who attend an seminar/event and event organizers. Organizers of the event will no longer need to produce lots of feedback forms to know the feedback of their attendees. It's developed in C# Language.

MultiPoint Vote


Voting is more innovative and catchy through this MultiPoint application. Using MultiPoint SDK 1.5 and Visual C#, this prototype emphasizes the capability of the MultiPoint technology to cater more people using a single pc.