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chezmoi - Manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines.

  •    Go

Manage your dotfiles securely across multiple machines. Secure: chezmoi can retreive secrets from 1Password, Bitwarden, LastPass, pass, Vault, your Keychain (on macOS), GNOME Keyring (on Linux), or any command-line utility of your choice. You can checkout your dotfiles repo on as many machines as you want without revealing any secrets to anyone.

sacrificial-socket - A Go websocket library with an API similar to Socket.IO... but not Socket.IO

  •    Go

A Go server library and pure JS client library for managing communication between websockets, that has an API similar to Socket.IO, but feels less... well, Javascripty. Socket.IO is great, but nowadays all modern browsers support websockets natively, so in most cases there is no need to have websocket simulation fallbacks like XHR long polling or Flash. Removing these allows Sacrificial-Socket to be lightweight and very performant. Sacrificial-Socket supports rooms, roomcasts, broadcasts, and event emitting just like Socket.IO, but with one key difference. The data passed into event functions is not an interface{} that is implied to be a string or map[string]interface{}, but is always passed in as a []byte making it easier to unmarshal into your own JSON data structs, convert to a string, or keep as binary data without the need to check the data's type before processing it. It also means there aren't any unnecessary conversions to the data between the client and the server.

Emcee - Emcee is a tool that runs iOS UI tests in parallel using multiple simulators across many Macs

  •    Swift

Welcome to Emcee project, an ultimate solution for running iOS tests in parallel locally and across many Macs. Emcee allows you to run UI tests on many physical machines, distributing the work and getting the results of the test run faster. It manages the order of test execution, the simulators, and maintains the queue with tests that being run. It can generate the Junit and trace to make you see how the test run behaved on different machines.