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libui-node - Node bindings for libui, an awesome native UI library for Unix, OSX and Windows

  •    C++

Node.js bindings for libui library. libui is a lightweight, portable GUI library that uses the native GUI technologies of each platform it supports.

One-Lin3r - Gives you one-liners that aids in penetration testing operations

  •    Python

One-Lin3r is simple and light-weight framework inspired by the web-delivery module in Metasploit. The payloads database is not big now because this the first edition but it will get bigger with updates and contributions.

coyim - coyim - a safe and secure chat client

  •    Go

CoyIM is a new client for the XMPP protocol. It is built upon https://github.com/agl/xmpp-client and https://github.com/coyim/otr3. It adds a graphical user interface and implies safe and secure options by default. Our ambition is that it should be possible for even the most high-risk people on the planet to safely use CoyIM, without having to make any configuration changes. To do this, CoyIM has OTR enabled and uses Tor by default. Besides that, it will only use the Tor Onion Service for a known server and also uses TLS and TLS certificates to verify the connection - no configuration required. The implementation is written in the Go language, to avoid many common types of vulnerabilities that come from using unsafe languages.

Multiplatform GTK Docking Panel in MONO


This is an open source project to develop a multiplatform dock-panel library in Gtk for Mono.

sliding-puzzle - Sliding puzzle game implemented in Scala / Scala.js / JavaFX

  •    Scala

Sliding Puzzle implemented in Scala. As much as possible, I've tried to have UI and platform-agnostic code. This lead to a better design which made the different implementations not only possible but straightforward.

zircon - Zircon is an extensible text GUI library which targets multiple platforms and designed specifically for game developers

  •    Kotlin

Note that this library was inspired by Lanterna. Check it out if you are looking for a terminal emulator instead. If you want to work with Zircon you can add it to your project as a dependency.

http-client-common - Kotlin multiplatform http-client

  •    Kotlin

This repository is outdated. Multiplatform client is included in ktor from version from 0.9.4.

kotlin-js-todo - TodoMVC example implemented in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

This is a multiplatform Kotlin project implementing a subset of the TodoMVC application. While it is not intended to showcase an MV* framework per se, it should provide a starting point for setting up multi-platform projects with the Kotlin toolchain. Please note, that most of the toolchain and frameworks used in this project are still pre-release at the time of writing. This project was created as demo for our talk at Kotlin Vienna, which will be available online soon.

manifest-tool - Manifest tool for manifest list object creation/query

  •    Go

manifest-tool is a command line utility that implements a portion of the client side of the Docker registry v2.2 API for interacting with manifest objects in a registry conforming to that specification. This tool was mainly created for the purpose of viewing, creating, and pushing the new manifests list object type in the Docker registry. Manifest lists are defined in the v2.2 image specification and exist mainly for the purpose of supporting multi-architecture and/or multi-platform images within a Docker registry.

px_sched - Single Header C++11 Task Scheduler

  •    C++

I moved this project here px/px_sched.h to be part of a larger collection of single header libraries px , please update your references/starts/links... Written in C++11(only for thread API), with no dependency, and easy to integrate. See the examples.

IAT_patcher - Persistent IAT hooking application - based on bearparser

  •    C++

Persistent IAT hooking application - based on bearparser. More: http://hasherezade.github.io/IAT_patcher/

kotlin-multiplatform-example - A barebones Kotlin multiplatform project with JVM and JS targets

  •    Javascript

This repository contains a barebones Kotlin multiplatform Gradle project with 3 modules: common (compiled to both JVM bytecode and JS), client (compiled to JS) and server (complied to JVM). Assumes a simple architecture, where the server module is a backend JVM application, client is the usual frontend web application, and the common module allows to share data structures, validation logic, and so on. It also comes with a working tests setup on both target platforms. Feel free to use it for personal and commercial projects.

klock - Consistent and portable date and time utilities for Multiplatform Kotlin (JVM (Desktop and Android), JS (Browser and Node

  •    Kotlin

Consistent and portable date and time utilities for Multiplatform Kotlin (JVM (Desktop and Android), JS (Browser and Node.JS), Native (Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS) and Common)