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wet-boew - Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Open source code library for building innovative websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual

  •    HTML

Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Open source code library for building innovative websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. This collaborative open source project is led by the Government of Canada. / Boîte à outils de l’expérience Web (BOEW) : Une bibliothèque de code primée pour construire des sites Web innovants qui sont accessibles, faciles d'emploi, interopérables, optimisés pour les appareils mobiles et multilingues. Ceci est un projet à source ouverte collaboratif dirigé par le Gouvernement du Canada.

retro-board - Retrospective Board

  •    Javascript

This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering retrospected.com. This project is both an actual product, and also a technology demo using the latest and greatest JavaScript libraries of the month.

BackToBasics "B2B" Chat

  •    DotNet

With technology and software getting more and more complicated, why not get back to basics with BackToBasicsChat. B2B allows you to chat over a server will the minimal amount of fuss!

Parlez MVC

  •    DotNet

A multi-lingual implementation for the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework to make it easier to build websites that are viewable in different languages.

Enhanced BlogEngine.NET

  •    ASPNET

Enhanced BlogEngine.NET is an alternative and customized version of full featured ASP.NET blog engine. Features Multilingual support for posts, pages, etc...

.Net Framework Addons

  •    DotNet

Replaced with all Griffin.* projects at github: http://github.com/jgauffin

Web Pattern - MVC 3, WebForms, NHibernate, Log4net+Elmah, MultiCulture, Security

  •    ASPNET

Web Pattern include: ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Mvc, NHibernate, Log4net + Elmah, Custom Security, MultiCulture (MultiLinguage)



A multilingual twitter client that support socks4,5 proxy

Skywave Class Library

  •    DotNet

Skywave Class Library will contain multiple projects (one at start) targeting classes, interfaces, controls and ... for different .Net technologies like ASP.Net, WPF, Windows Forms, ... and one Core Project including shared classes. It's my shared library of 10 years development.

laravel-translator - An Eloquent translator for Laravel

  •    PHP

An easy-to-use Eloquent translator for Laravel. Require this package, with Composer, in the root directory of your project.

Zoombraco - :zap: A lean boilerplate for rapidly developing strong-typed Umbraco websites.

  •    CSharp

This repository contains a lean boilerplate for rapidly developing fast, scalable, easy to maintain, strong-typed Umbraco websites.Zoombraco is designed to be lean yet exceptionally powerful and flexible allowing you to create your own websites on a firm foundation. Zoombraco lets you concentrate on the fun features of your site while enabling you to maintain a strong MVC architecture.

tinytypo - CSS base for web editorial content

  •    HTML

Tiny Typo is a CSS base for web editorial content, ready for use, for readable web pages, on all media. This microframework makes the typographic minimum necessary for the writing of web documents. Compliant with W3C standards, Tiny Typo is designed for all devices, naturally responsive, without forgetting print, multilingualism and accessibility.

LangRouter - Language context router for use with Babel in MODX Revolution

  •    PHP

LangRouter is a language routing plugin for MODx Revolution that is meant to be used with Babel. It takes care of switching contexts that hold the translations, depending on the URL requested by the client. LangRouter is an installable extended version of https://gist.github.com/gadamiak/3812853. Thanks to gadamiak for the permission to use his code.

TimeParser - A parser for date and time written in natural language for PHP.

  •    PHP

A parser for date and time written in natural language for PHP. Parse some input from user and receive a DateTime object.

Localization - :globe_with_meridians: Localization package for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Easy i18n localization for Laravel, an useful tool to combine with Laravel localization classes. Official documentation for Localization package can be found at the Docs folder.

dom-i18n - Provides a very basic HTML multilingual support using JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is a lightweight (less than 1KB minified/gzipped) JavaScript module that offers an alternative for supporting internationalization on HTML static pages that have no better option than to serve many languages at once. It's a smart way of providing support to multiple languages without having to rely on many HTML files, it will also not require a page reload to change languages. The original requirement for creating this script was to provide multilingual support to a CMS in which I only had control to its template code (in my case it was a Shopify store) but the script is very flexible and can be used in any HTML page.

Xiaomi.eu-MIUIv9-XML-Compare - MIUI 9 XML Daily Compare for Xiaomi.eu builds

  •    Smali

MIUI China is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

grav-plugin-langswitcher - Grav LangSwitcher Plugin

  •    PHP

LangSwitcher is a Grav plugin that provides native language text links to switch between Multiple Languages in Grav 0.9.30 or greater. Installing the LangSwitcher plugin can be done in one of two ways. Our GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.