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Photon - A lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2.

  •    Javascript

Photon is a lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, Magnet links, BitTorrent and Metalink. Photon is cross platform. It has macOS and Windows releases now and will have Linux release soon.

angular-PapaParse - An Angular factory wrapper for PapaParse

  •    Javascript

Papa doesn't have to be accessed by the window object. Use dependency injection instead. Great for unit test and do everything in the Angular manner. Add ngPapaParse as a module dependency to your app after including the angular-PapaParse.js script and inject Papa anywhere you need.

nuxt-generate-cluster - Multi-threaded generator command for nuxt.js

  •    Javascript

The number of workers that should be started. It probably has no use to start more workers then number of processors in your system. To even the load between workers they are sent batches of routes to generate, otherwise a worker with 'easy' routes might finish long before others. Workers will also still use the concurrency option from Nuxt.

csv - CSV for Modern C++

  •    C++

Simply include reader.hpp and you're good to go. To start parsing CSV files, create a csv::Reader object and call .read(filename).