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python-neuron - Neuron class provides LNU, QNU, RBF, MLP, MLP-ELM neurons

  •    Python

Neuron class provides LNU (Linear Neural Unit), QNU (Quadratic Neural Unit), RBF (Radial Basis Function), MLP (Multi Layer Perceptron), MLP-ELM (Multi Layer Perceptron - Extreme Learning Machine) neurons learned with Gradient descent or LeLevenberg–Marquardt algorithm. This class is suitable for prediction on time series. Neuron class needs pandas and numpy to work propertly.

stackednet - 轻量、易于修改、可组层训练的神经网络 / Lightweight Greedy Layer-Wise Training Neural Network

  •    Python

The "StackedNet" class implemented Staked Sparse Autoencoders, on the top of Theano so as to use GPU acceleration. It's behaviour can be modified easily according to your demand. For advanced version, please contact author.

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