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ndarray - 📈 Multidimensional arrays for JavaScript

Modular multidimensional arrays for JavaScript.ndarrays can be transposed, flipped, sheared and sliced in constant time per operation. They are useful for representing images, audio, volume graphics, matrices, strings and much more. They work both in node.js and with browserify.

nodecache - a node internal caching module

A simple caching module that has set, get and delete methods and works a little bit like memcached. Keys can have a timeout (ttl) after which they expire and are deleted from the cache. All keys are stored in a single object so the practical limit is at around 1m keys. Since 4.1.0: Key-validation: The keys can be given as either string or number, but are casted to a string internally anyway. All other types will either throw an error or call the callback with an error.

WBS Editor: Team Foundation Server [TFS] Work Breakdown Structure Editor

WBS Editor makes it simple to create Work Breakdown Structures. It offers seamless integration of WBS in a Team Foundation Server environment, allowing to store WBS information in Work Items. Further, it offers Iteration workload analysis features and personalized WBS analysis.

node-couchnode - Sane Couchbase bucket interface for handling common operations the right way.

Sane official Couchbase client wrapper for handling multi key and other common operations the right way.This module is a wrapper for the official client. Documentation of the official module can be found here.

passports - Multi-tenancy (read: virtual hosts) for Passport.JS

Passports makes things easier if you're running a multi-tenanted application with Passport.JS by abstracting away some of the book keeping involved with instantiating multiple passport instances and choosing which to use for a given request. Passports provides a framework for applications to define their own passport.js multi-tenanting implementations. It requires you to provide two functions: _getConfig and _createInstance. These functions are called when necessary to do exactly what they sound like they do, allowing you to completely control the configuration and instantiation of the passport objects managed by passports.

testen - :heavy_check_mark: Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.

Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.You should have nvm and node >= 4 installed.

multi-master-merge - LevelDB based database that supports merges and multi master replication

When you do mdb.get(key, cb) you will always get an array of documents back. The reason for this is to support multi master replication which means that we might have multiple values for a given key.Insert a new document. Callback is called with cb(err, doc) where doc is the inserted document.

require-glob - Requires multiple modules using glob patterns and combines them into a nested object.

Requires multiple modules using glob patterns and combines them into a nested object.Returns a promise that resolves to an object containing the required contents of matching globbed files.

pino-tee - 🌲 tee pino logs into a file, with multiple levels

Tee pino logs into multiple files, according to the given levels. Works with any newline delimited json stream.Create a new tee instance from source. It is an extended instance of cloneable-readable.

multi-progress - Multiple progress bars based on the "progress" package

This module adds a layer on top of the API of progress that allows for multiple progress bars.

stereo - A naive multi-core node application controller

Stereo is a simple multi-core server manager for node.js. Inspired by multi-node/spark/cluster. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

datagen - Multi-process test data files generator

DataGen is a multi-process test data files generator. This is handy when you want to generate large test data files (e.g. XMLs, JSONs, CSVs, etc), over multiple processes, utilising available CPU cores on your machine. It's also very easy to generate random numbers, dates, and strings as test data. You only need to create template files, no scripting involved.

node-glob-all - Provide multiple patterns to node-glob

Provides a similar API to glob, however instead of a single pattern, you may also use arrays of patterns.

mstring - Multi-line Strings Module for Node.js

This is a simple little module that lets you have multi-line strings in JavaScript. And that's pretty much it.

react-native-nmrangeslider-ios - React Native Slider component with two markers based on NMRangeSlider

Native iOS multi slider component for React Native with two markers based on NMRangeSlider. react-native-multi-slider works in javascript only which creates a noticeable lag when moving a slider. Because NMRangeSlider is implemented as a native module there is no lag in this version.