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aframe-mss - :womans_hat: Mixin Style Sheets: CSS for A-Frame.

  •    Javascript

Mixin Style Sheets: CSS for A-Frame. Then import using <a-style> and use via mixins. <a-style> will parse the MSS and inject <a-mixin>s.

mos-mss - mtyun MSS(Meituan Storage Service) sdk for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Constructs a service interface object. Each API operation is exposed as a function on service. MSS, Object Storage Service. Equal to well known Amazon S3.

docker-nginx-vod-module - A Dockerized NGINX build of the nginx-vod-module

  •    Python

A Dockerized NGINX build with the nginx-vod-module and ngx_aws_auth for serving VOD content to DASH, HLS, and MSS. nginx-vod-module is configured in remote-mode with ngx_aws_auth to securely serve content stored in a private S3 bucket.

abr-player - 📼 Adaptive Streaming Test Player

  •    Vue

Adaptive Streaming Player for testing your ABR streams. abr-player is built with Vue.js and the APIs of each supported player.

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