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MSBuild Directory Manifest Generator


The Directory Manifest Generator creates an XML directory manifest for a specified target directory. It is designed to be run through a command-line or as an MSBuild task. It is developed in C#, using Visual Studio 2008 but targeting .Net 2.0.


  •    CSharp

VNManager or Version Number Manager is a simple Windows command line application which will update your Microsoft Visual Studio AssemblyInfo.cs files AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes based on rules defined as comments on the same lines.

SharpKit Razor

  •    CSharp

MSBuild tool to generate client-side (JavaScript using SharpKit) view templates using Razor syntax.

SQL Server Reporting Services MSBuild Tasks


SQL Server Reporting Services MSBuild Tasks allows users to have intergrated build script for report projects and method to deploy reports

Community TFS Build Extensions


The Community TFS Build Extensions site provides a place for build engineers to share workflow activities, build process template files, and tools for Team Foundation Build.

Project Yxney


Yxney.net focus on typical developer needs, by delivering MSBuild tasks, MSBuild projects, components, reusable code snippets to make deliveries faster. Technologies and languages that will be used: C#, MSBuild project files and maybe some PowerShell.

Mobile.BuildTools - Easily Add Secrets to your .NET Projects

  •    CSharp

There is a lot of talk these days about DevOps. One of the problems with DevOps is that it can be really challenging. Far too many companies suffer from reliance on poor practices that their Development teams know need to be fixed. Today we have a variety of Build Systems that are at our disposal and we no longer need to rely on such poor practices. Mobile.BuildTools can help turn your run of the mill project into a streamlined DevOps masterpiece. As part of my frustration at how challenging it was to go from File -> New Solution to a base project that was ready to put into a DevOps pipeline, I set out to create the Prism QuickStart Templates. Part of the templates included many of the features you see in the Mobile.BuildTools. As time went on I realized the need to decouple the tools from the template so as new features were added, or bugs fixed it could be more easily added.

copydocfile-example - Example of ASP

  •    CSharp

See GitHub Issue #795 for the details and discussion. One of the undocumented changes of converting from project.json to csproj, was the <DocumentationFile> no longer automatically copied to the output folder during the build or publish process.

IgnoresAccessChecksToGenerator - Generates reference assemblies where all the internal types & members become public, and applies the IgnoresAccessChecksTo attribute

  •    CSharp

The IgnoresAccessChecksToAttribute is the reverse of the InternalsVisibleToAttribute - it allows an assembly to declare assemblies whose internals would be visible to it. The attribute class isn't declared in the BCL but is recognized by the CLR (Desktop >= 4.6 and Core), i.e. you can declare it in your code and it would work. Since there's currently no compiler support for this attribute (I've submitted a PR to Roslyn), this package can be used as a workaround. It generates reference assemblies where all the internal types & members become public, and adds a C# file with the attribute and its instances.

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