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MQTT-Client-Framework - iOS, macOS, tvOS native ObjectiveC MQTT Client Framework

  •    Objective-C

MQTT-Client-Framework is a native Objective-C iOS library. It uses CFNetwork for networking and CoreData for persistence. It is a complete implementation of MQTT 3.1.1 and supports TLS. You can read introduction to learn more about framework.

MQTTX - MQTT X - Elegant Cross-platform MQTT 5.0 Desktop Client

  •    Vue

MQTT X is a cross-platform MQTT 5.0 client tool open sourced by EMQ, which can run on macOS, Linux and Windows, and supports formatting MQTT payload. MQTT X simplifies the operation logic of the page with the help of chatting software. The user can quickly create a connection to save and establish multiple connection clients at the same time. It is convenient for the user to quickly test the connection of MQTT/TCP、MQTT/TLS, MQTT/WebSocket Publish / Subscribe functions and other features.

paho.mqtt.java - paho.mqtt.java

  •    Java

The Paho project provides scalable open-source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols aimed at new, existing, and emerging applications for Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).

MQTTnet - MQTTnet is a high performance

  •    CSharp

MQTTnet is a high performance .NET library for MQTT based communication. It provides a MQTT client and a MQTT server (broker). The implementation is based on the documentation from http://mqtt.org/. * Tested on local machine (Intel i7 8700K) with MQTTnet client and server running in the same process using the TCP channel. The app for verification is part of this repository and stored in /Tests/MQTTnet.TestApp.NetCore.

qmqtt - MQTT Client for Qt

  •    C++

Please compile the library with Qt >= 5.3 version. On Windows you need to specify CONFIG += NO_UNIT_TESTS, since gtest is not supported. To add websocket support, compile the library with Qt >= 5.7, and specify 'CONFIG += QMQTT_WEBSOCKETS'.

hbmqtt - MQTT client/broker using Python asynchronous I/O

  •    Python

HBMQTT is an open source MQTT client and broker implementation. Built on top of asyncio, Python's standard asynchronous I/O framework, HBMQTT provides a straightforward API based on coroutines, making it easy to write highly concurrent applications.

Adafruit_MQTT_Library - Arduino library for MQTT support

  •    C++

Arduino library for MQTT support, including access to Adafruit IO. Works with the Adafruit FONA, Arduino Yun, ESP8266 Arduino platforms, and anything that supports Arduino's Client interface (like Ethernet shield). See included examples for how to use the library to access an MQTT service to publish and subscribe to feeds. Note that this does not support the full MQTT spec but is intended to support enough for QoS 0 and 1 publishing.

Mosquitto-PHP - A wrapper for the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library for PHP.

  •    C

This is an extension to allow using the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library with PHP. See the examples/ directory for usage. Thanks to Sara Golemon this extension now supports PHP 7. I would be grateful if anyone using PHP 7 could test it and let me know how it works out.

azure-umqtt-c - General purpose library for communication over the mqtt protocol

  •    C

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.azure-mqtt client use the azure-c-shared-utility, which is a C library provisioning common functionality for basic tasks (like string, list manipulation, IO, etc.). azure-c-shared-utility is available here: https://github.com/Azure/azure-c-shared-utility. azure-c-shared-utility needs to be built before building azure-mqtt-c.

libmqtt - MQTT 3.1.1 client lib with Pure Go

  •    Go

MQTT 3.1.1 client lib with Pure Go

MQTTCute - A desktop MQTT client aimed at binary protocol development and monitoring

  •    C

MQTTCute is an MQTT desktop client written in C++/Qt. Its main focus is on being helpful with the debugging and monitoring of MQTT-based systems which use binary protocols. For (64-bit) Windows a binary installer is provided. See the releases page for this project for a download link. This version should work on Windows 7 and up.

nyamuk - Python MQTT Client Library Based on libmosquitto

  •    Python

Python MQTT Client Library Based on libmosquitto

mqtt-panel - A web interface for MQTT

  •    Javascript

A simple web interface which is able to subscribe to a MQTT topic and display the information. The screenshot shows an example how to keep track on what's going in your apartment or your house. It's not about controlling, this setup is about observing various states.

lightmqtt - MQTT 3

  •    C

LightMQTT is a MQTT 3.1.1 client library written in pure C and designed to work with both embedded and large systems. Examples are available under examples.

web-mqtt-client - A better MQTT API for the browser

  •    Javascript

web-mqtt-client is a wrapper around the Eclipse Paho MQTT javascript client, and offers an improved programmatic API somewhat similar to MQTT.js in a much smaller package than the latter browserified. Further improvements will also be implemented as this library matures (see Roadmap below). An example of this library in use is available on gh-pages, source code and resources for the example under the demo/ folder.

Applozic-iOS-SDK - iOS Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK

  •    Objective-C

Open source iOS Chat and Messaging SDK that lets you add real time messaging in your mobile (android, iOS) applications and website. Signup at https://www.applozic.com/signup.html to get the application key.

mqtt - MQTT Client class

  •    PHP

SSL/TLS not tested. MQTT 3.1.1 supported since 2.0.

phpMqttClient - a mqtt client library for php

  •    PHP

phpMqttClient is an MQTT client library for PHP. Its based on the reactPHP socket-client and added the MQTT protocol specific functions. I hope its a better starting point that the existing PHP MQTT libraries. Goal of this project is easy to use MQTT client for PHP in a modern architecture without using any php modules. Currently, only protocol version 4 (mqtt 3.1.1) is implemented.

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