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MQTT.js - The MQTT client for Node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

MQTT.js is a client library for the MQTT protocol, written in JavaScript for node.js and the browser.MQTT.js is an OPEN Open Source Project, see the Contributing section to find out what this means.

emqttd - EMQ - Erlang MQTT Broker

  •    Erlang

EMQ (Erlang MQTT Broker) is a distributed, massively scalable, highly extensible MQTT message broker written in Erlang/OTP. EMQ is fully open source and licensed under the Apache Version 2.0. EMQ implements both MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1 protocol specifications, and supports MQTT-SN, CoAP, WebSocket, STOMP and SockJS at the same time.

emitter - High performance, distributed and low latency publish-subscribe platform.

  •    Go

Emitter is a free open source real-time messaging service that connects all devices. This publish-subscribe messaging API is built for speed and security. Emitter is a real-time communication service for connecting online devices. Infrastructure and APIs for IoT, gaming, apps and real-time web. At its core, emitter.io is a distributed, scalable and fault-tolerant publish-subscribe messaging platform based on MQTT protocol and featuring message storage.

openedge - Extend cloud computing, data and service seamlessly to edge devices.

  •    Go

OpenEdge is an open edge computing framework that extends cloud computing, data and service seamlessly to edge devices. It can provide temporary offline, low-latency computing services, and include device connect, message routing, remote synchronization, function computing, video access pre-processing, AI inference, etc. The combination of OpenEdge and the Cloud Management Suite of BIE(Baidu IntelliEdge) will achieve cloud management and application distribution, enable applications running on edge devices and meet all kinds of edge computing scenario. About architecture design, OpenEdge takes modularization and containerization design mode. Based on the modular design pattern, OpenEdge splits the product to multiple modules, and make sure each one of them is a separate, independent module. In general, OpenEdge can fully meet the conscientious needs of users to deploy on demand. Besides, OpenEdge also takes containerization design mode to build images. Due to the cross-platform characteristics of docker to ensure the running environment of each operating system is consistent. In addition, OpenEdge also isolates and limits the resources of containers, and allocates the CPU, memory and other resources of each running instance accurately to improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

emqx - EMQ X Broker - Massively Scalable MQTT Messaging Broker

  •    Erlang

EMQ X broker is a fully open source, highly scalable, highly available distributed MQTT messaging broker for IoT, M2M and Mobile applications that can handle tens of millions of concurrent clients. Starting from 3.0 release, EMQ X broker fully supports MQTT V5.0 protocol specifications and backward compatible with MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1, as well as other communication protocols such as MQTT-SN, CoAP, LwM2M, WebSocket and STOMP. The 3.0 release of the EMQ X broker can scaled to 10+ million concurrent MQTT connections on one cluster.

MQTTnet - MQTTnet is a high performance

  •    CSharp

MQTTnet is a high performance .NET library for MQTT based communication. It provides a MQTT client and a MQTT server (broker). The implementation is based on the documentation from http://mqtt.org/. * Tested on local machine (Intel i7 8700K) with MQTTnet client and server running in the same process using the TCP channel. The app for verification is part of this repository and stored in /Tests/MQTTnet.TestApp.NetCore.

hbmqtt - MQTT client/broker using Python asynchronous I/O

  •    Python

HBMQTT is an open source MQTT client and broker implementation. Built on top of asyncio, Python's standard asynchronous I/O framework, HBMQTT provides a straightforward API based on coroutines, making it easy to write highly concurrent applications.

haskell-hummingbird - Multi-threaded MQTT broker written in Haskell.

  •    Haskell

This is a multi-threaded MQTT broker (framework) written in Haskell. It is based on the Haskell MQTT library.

emq-retainer - EMQ Retainer

  •    Erlang

The retainer plugin is responsible for storing retained MQTT messages.

mqtt-panel - A web interface for MQTT

  •    Javascript

A simple web interface which is able to subscribe to a MQTT topic and display the information. The screenshot shows an example how to keep track on what's going in your apartment or your house. It's not about controlling, this setup is about observing various states.

wave - MQTT Broker - for IoT, DIY, pubsub applications and more

  •    Erlang

You can try it on iot.bour.cc. A Docker image is also available on Docker hub. Wave is distributed under AGPLv3 license.

hybris-iot-plat - Plat is a blueprint for connecting IoT elements

  •    Javascript

Plat is a blueprint for connecting IoT elements. It leverages MQTT to communicate with the cloud in real-time and includes hardware files to help you get started quickly. It's derived from a bigger project at Hybris Labs. The components that are open sourced include all hardware files and the software running on the microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi. It allows you to build a plug&play IoT system of your own desire that connects to the internet via the MQTT protocol.

vertx-mqtt-broker - Vert.x based MQTT Broker

  •    Java

MQTT broker implementation based on Vert.x. Credits: Moquette https://github.com/andsel/moquette for coder and decoder implementation of MQTT messages.

mosquitto-cluster - a built-in, autonomous Mosquitto Cluster implementation. MQTT集群.

  •    C

中文版自述 In a mosquitto cluster, clients can subscribe to every node, and can also publish to every other node. The cluster will make sure that published messages are forwarded as needed. The cluster is full decentralized, autonomy system without any leader or key node, to make the system with a high availablity. E.g., each node has a fault rate with 1%, then a decentralized cluster with N nodes has a service availability which is 1-1%^N. Then config the loadbalancer, take above adresses as real server address. It is strongly recommend to terminate TLS on the loadbalancer, and use plain TCP inside the cluster.

emqx-retainer - EMQ X Retainer

  •    Erlang

The retainer plugin is responsible for storing retained MQTT messages.

control-freak - IDE for IoT & friends

  •    Javascript

No matter its installed locally or globally, control-freak will create a user workspace at /home/user/.control-freak. First you connect your device, then you build "commands" for your device's functionality and as last you drag those commands on GUI elements like buttons. As last step, you export the whole thing The IDE deploys your scripts to the OSX, Windows, Linux, Raspberry-PI, ARM-6+ or to your preferred web server.