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node-fs-extra - Node.js: extra methods for the fs object like copy(), remove(), mkdirs()

fs-extra adds file system methods that aren't included in the native fs module and adds promise support to the fs methods. It should be a drop in replacement for fs.I got tired of including mkdirp, rimraf, and ncp in most of my projects.

Drag & Drop for SharePoint

Organize your SharePoint document libraries by moving documents using jQuery Multi-Select Drag&Drop (MSDD) functionality.

Easily move folders across volumes/partitions.

Folder Mover enables a user to move folders/directories between different volumes/partitions. The .Net System.IO.Directory.Move throws an IOException when trying to move folders across volumes/partitions. It's developed in C#.Net 3.5 & works with network shares as well

touches - simplified touch/mouse events for flick and swipe

A common pattern for drag events is to listen for events on a parent element (like the window), and use a different element as the target for client offset calculation. The second argument to the event listener is a [x, y] vector representing the calculated client offset (relative to top left of target element).Another common pattern, especially with drag events, is filtering touch input to a single finger. Below; the events will only get fired for the first finger placed on the screen. Subsequent fingers will be ignored until after the first finger has been lifted.

node-mv - Like `fs

Like `fs.rename`, but works across devices, and works with directories. Think of the unix utility `mv`.

touch-position - get current mouse/touch position

Gets the current mouse/touch position as a 2-component vector. By default, attaches mouse and touch events to window.Note: Version 2.x and above no longer supports IE <= 8.

move-concurrently - Promises of moves of files or directories with rename, falling back to recursive rename/copy on EXDEV errors, with configurable concurrency and win32 junction support

Promises of moves of files or directories with rename, falling back to recursive rename/copy on EXDEV errors, with configurable concurrency and win32 junction support.

move-file - Move a file - Even works across devices

The built-in fs.rename() is just a JavaScript wrapper for the C rename(2) function, which doesn't support moving files across partitions or devices. This module is what you would have expected fs.rename() to be.Returns a Promise.

array-move - Move an array item to a different position

Returns a new array with the item moved to the new position.Moves the item to the new position in the input array. Useful for huge arrays where absolute performance is needed.

move - A simple, functional-biased, prototypal and powerful programming language that runs on any ES3 (or better) JavaScript platform, aimed toward people new to programming

Simpler. E.g. there's only one way to declare functions, no need for var declarations, only a single type of equality operators and no need for terminating statements with semicolons. Less boiler-plate code needed. Move introduces a few carefully selected features like the "import" and "export" keywords, and @-shorthand for this access.

mvjs - 🗂️Easily move JavaScript modules.

Easily move JavaScript modules. Moves JavaScript modules and updates their reference on other modules inside the current project.