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  •    CoffeeScript

Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)

gliojs - Exit popup easely

  •    Javascript

Detects if the mouse of an user leaves the viewport / document borders of your website and when this happens, trigger your callback. Portuguese documentation. Demo.

touches - simplified touch/mouse events for flick and swipe

  •    Javascript

A common pattern for drag events is to listen for events on a parent element (like the window), and use a different element as the target for client offset calculation. The second argument to the event listener is a [x, y] vector representing the calculated client offset (relative to top left of target element).Another common pattern, especially with drag events, is filtering touch input to a single finger. Below; the events will only get fired for the first finger placed on the screen. Subsequent fingers will be ignored until after the first finger has been lifted.

touch-position - get current mouse/touch position

  •    Javascript

Gets the current mouse/touch position as a 2-component vector. By default, attaches mouse and touch events to window.Note: Version 2.x and above no longer supports IE <= 8.

react-cursor-position - A React component that decorates its children with mouse and touch coordinates relative to itself

  •    Javascript

react-cursor-position is a primitive component for composing UI features that require notification of cursor and touch position changes. Position coordinates are plotted relative to the HTML element rendered by react-cursor-position. In the mouse environment it supports scroll position changes during a hover session. In the touch environment, it supports the long press gesture and does not interfere with page or element scrolling.

automatic-mouse-mover - a minimalistic go library/app to keep your mac active and alive

  •    Go

Introducing the simplest app that has the sole purpose of moving your mouse pointer at regular intervals so that your machine is kept awake! And best of all, it works ONLY when you are not working, so be rest assured that the mouse won't start moving on its own without the machine actually being idle. The main difference between this app and other apps is that this app keeps your machine awake, whereas other apps keep your machine from going to sleep. Let me explain.

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