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ompl - The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL)

  •    C++

Visit the OMPL installation page for detailed installation instructions.

Fast-Planner - A Robust and Efficient Trajectory Planner for Quadrotors

  •    C++

Fast-Planner is developed aiming to enable quadrotor fast flight in complex unknown environments. It contains a rich set of carefully designed planning algorithms. Mar 13, 2021: Code for fast autonomous exploration is available now! Check this repo for more details.

towr - A light-weight, Eigen-based C++ library for trajectory optimization for legged robots.

  •    C++

A light-weight and extensible C++ library for trajectory optimization for legged robots. A base-set of variables, costs and constraints that can be combined and extended to formulate trajectory optimization problems for legged systems. These implementations have been used to generate a variety of motions such as monoped hopping, biped walking, or a complete quadruped trotting cycle, while optimizing over the gait and step durations in less than 100ms (paper).

pinocchio - A fast and flexible implementation of Rigid Body Dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives

  •    C++

Pinocchio instantiates the state-of-the-art Rigid Body Algorithms for poly-articulated systems based on revisited Roy Featherstone's algorithms. Besides, Pinocchio provides the analytical derivatives of the main Rigid-Body Algorithms like the Recursive Newton-Euler Algorithm or the Articulated-Body Algorithm. Pinocchio is first tailored for robotics applications, but it can be used in extra contexts (biomechanics, computer graphics, vision, etc.). It is built upon Eigen for linear algebra and FCL for collision detection. Pinocchio comes with a Python interface for fast code prototyping, directly accessible through Conda.

Teach-Repeat-Replan - Teach-Repeat-Replan: A Complete and Robust System for Aggressive Flight in Complex Environments

  •    C++

If polyhedrons can't be visualized properly in Rviz, please delete the Display Type PolyhedronArray from the display menu, then manually add PolyhedronArray again and select the topic in its Topic drop-down list. If using Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS melodic, you may get "error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token PLUGINLIB_DECLARE_CLASS(router, RouterNode, RouterNode, nodelet::Nodelet);" during compiling. Follow issue#34 to fix it.

g2 - g2core - The Next Generation

  •    C++

g2core master is the stable branch. New features are developed in feature branches and merged into the edge branch, and after thorough testing are merged here to master. For production uses we recommend using this master branch. For the adventurous (or developers wishing to lend a hand), we have the edge branch. It is not guaranteed to be stable, but we do our best to achieve this.

free_gait - An Architecture for the Versatile Control of Legged Robots

  •    C++

NOTICE: This software is not supported anymore! The authors of this software have changed their affiliation and do not work on this project anymore. Please excuse any inconvenience this might cause. If you are interested in working with the ANYmal robot, please reach out to ANYbotics. Free Gait is a software framework for the versatile, robust, and task-oriented control of legged robots. The Free Gait interface defines a whole-body abstraction layer to accommodate a variety of task-space control commands such as end effector, joint, and base motions. The defined motion tasks are tracked with a feedback whole-body controller to ensure accurate and robust motion execution even under slip and external disturbances. The application of this framework includes intuitive tele-operation of the robot, efficient scripting of behaviors, and fully autonomous operation with motion and footstep planners.

toppra - robotic motion planning library

  •    Python

toppra returns the time-optimal path parameterization: s_dot (s), from which the fastest trajectory q(t) that satisfies the given constraints can be found. Documentation and tutorials are available here.

aikido - Artificial Intelligence for Kinematics, Dynamics, and Optimization

  •    C++

⚠️ Warning: AIKIDO is under heavy development. These instructions are primarily for reference by the developers. AIKIDO is a C++ library, complete with Python bindings, for solving robotic motion planning and decision making problems. This library is tightly integrated with DART for kinematic/dynamics calculations and OMPL for motion planning. AIKIDO optionally integrates with ROS, through the suite of aikido_ros packages, for execution on real robots.

Pathfinder - Cross-Platform, Multi-Use Motion Profiling and Trajectory Generation

  •    C

Cross-Platform, Multi-Use Motion Profiling and Trajectory Generation. Pathfinder is a library for generating Motion Profiles, a way to smoothly fit and follow a trajectory based upon given waypoints. Currently, both a C and Java API are available, but can be applied to almost any application.

AirSim-NeurIPS2019-Drone-Racing - Drone Racing @ NeurIPS 2019, built on Microsoft AirSim

  •    Python

This competition marks the advent of a new release process for AirSim, in which we have separated out the AirSim plugin from environment content. Instead of having a series of individual executables for each environment, we have compacted all of the relevant AirSim content and API into a single binary (AirSimExe). Unreal environments containing race courses are released as separate downloadable content (DLC) packages, in the form of .pak files, which can be loaded and unloaded into the main binary as needed. If you are having texture problems with the gates or seeing black shadows on the ground, please try running the binary with the openGL option : ./AirSimExe.sh -windowed -opengl4.

highway-path-planning - My path-planning pipeline to navigate a car safely around a virtual highway with other traffic

  •    C++

This is my submission to the path planning project for term 3 of Udacity's self-driving car program. The goal is to create a path planning pipeline that would smartly, safely, and comfortably navigate a virtual car around a virtual highway with other traffic. We are given a map of the highway, as well as sensor fusion and localization data about our car and nearby cars. We are supposed to give back a set of map points (x, y) that a perfect controller will execute every 0.02 seconds. Navigating safely and comfortably means we don't bump into other cars, we don't exceed the maximum speed, acceleration and jerk requirements. Navigating smartly means we change lanes when we have to. Clone this repo.

xpp - Visualization of Motions for Legged Robots in ros-rviz

  •    C++

Xpp is a ROS package for the visualization of motion-plans for legged robots. It draws support areas, contact forces and motion trajectories in RVIZ and displays URDFs for specific robots, including a one-legged, a two-legged hopper and HyQ. More example motions can be seen in this video, generated by the library towr. or if you are using catkin tools.

omplapp - The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL), GUI + FCL/Assimp integration

  •    C++

This is OMPL.app, an extended version of OMPL that adds support for mesh loading and collision checking as well as a simple GUI. Visit the OMPL.app installation page for detailed installation instructions.

idocp - Inverse Dynamics based Optimal Control Problem solver for rigid body systems

  •    C++

where "unconstrained" rigid-body systems are systems without any contacts or a floating-base. Examples are found in examples directory. The following animations are the solution trajectory of the idocp::UnconstrOCPSolver for a robot manipulator iiwa14.


  •    Python

rapid-transport is the accompanying source code of the paper "Critically fast pick-and-place with suction cups" submitted to ICRA 2019. rapid-transport implements a motion planning pipeline that produces fast and robust motion for object transportation. A video of the experiments of this pipeline can be found below.

GCOPTER - A General-Purpose Trajectory Optimizer for Multicopters


GCOPTER is a versatile multicopter trajectory optimizer built upon a novel sparse trajectory representation MINCO. Author: Zhepei Wang and Fei Gao from the ZJU FAST Lab.

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