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mosquitto - Eclipse Mosquitto

  •    C

Mosquitto is an open source implementation of a server for version 3.1 and 3.1.1 of the MQTT protocol. It also includes a C and C++ client library, and the mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub utilities for publishing and subscribing.See http://mosquitto.org/download/ for details on installing binaries for various platforms.

Mosquitto-PHP - A wrapper for the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library for PHP.

  •    C

This is an extension to allow using the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library with PHP. See the examples/ directory for usage. Thanks to Sara Golemon this extension now supports PHP 7. I would be grateful if anyone using PHP 7 could test it and let me know how it works out.

dlibox - Home automation that does not depend on the internet

  •    Go

Look at HARDWARE.md for more information about what to buy.There's an incomplete device implemented in C++ to run on a ESP8266 that will act as an Homie node.

hassbian-scripts - Scripts used in the HASSbian image.

  •    Shell

These are the scripts used in the HASSbian image. The scripts in this repository where made to be used with the HASSbian image and the included Home Assistant instance.The following scripts are currently included. You can view the documentation below for usage and instructions.

mqtt - :telephone_receiver: Interoperate with 'MQTT' Message Brokers with R

  •    C

‘MQTT’ is a machine-to-machine (‘M2M’)/“Internet of Things” connectivity protocol. It was designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport. It is useful for connections with remote locations where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium. For example, it has been used in sensors communicating to a broker via satellite link, over occasional dial-up connections with healthcare providers, and in a range of home automation and small device scenarios. It is also ideal for mobile applications because of its small size, low power usage, minimised data packets, and efficient distribution of information to one or many receivers. Tools are provided to interoperate with ‘MQTT’ message brokers in R. You need to install the mosquitto libraries and ensure they’re on your system PATH so R can find them. This will be easier in the future, but coarse for the moment.

Perfect-Mosquitto - A Swift Class Wrapper of Perfect-libMosquitto, the MQTT client

  •    Swift

This project provides a Swift class wrapper of mosquitto client library which implements the MQTT protocol version 3.1 and 3.1.1. This package builds with Swift Package Manager and is part of the Perfect project, however, it can work independently as a Server Side Swift component.

mosquitto-go-auth - Auth plugin for mosquitto.

  •    Go

Mosquitto Go Auth is an authentication and authorization plugin for the Mosquitto MQTT broker. This is an authentication and authorization plugin for mosquitto, a well known open source MQTT broker. It's written (almost) entirely in Go: it uses cgo to expose mosquitto's auth plugin needed functions, but internally just calls Go to get everything done.

UnrealMosquitto - A MQTT client with blueprint support for Unreal Engine 4, based on Mosquitto.

  •    C

A MQTT client with blueprint support for Unreal Engine 4, based on Mosquitto. Because this has not been developed as a plugin, the installation process is slightly very cumbersome. Only Windows x64 is supported so far.

mosquitto-cluster - a built-in, autonomous Mosquitto Cluster implementation. MQTT集群.

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中文版自述 In a mosquitto cluster, clients can subscribe to every node, and can also publish to every other node. The cluster will make sure that published messages are forwarded as needed. The cluster is full decentralized, autonomy system without any leader or key node, to make the system with a high availablity. E.g., each node has a fault rate with 1%, then a decentralized cluster with N nodes has a service availability which is 1-1%^N. Then config the loadbalancer, take above adresses as real server address. It is strongly recommend to terminate TLS on the loadbalancer, and use plain TCP inside the cluster.

iot-analytics-at-the-edge - GTM Stack: IoT Data Analytics at the Edge

  •    Python

Source code for the post, GTM Stack: IoT Data Analytics at the Edge. In the post, we explore the integration of several open-source software applications to build an IoT edge analytics stack, designed to operate on ARM-based edge nodes. We use the stack to collect, analyze, and visualize IoT data, without first shipping the data to Cloud or other external systems. See the post for complete instructions on using the source code.

ct-Smart-Home - A ready-to-use Node-RED setup for home automation

  •    Shell

A ready-to-use Node-RED setup for home automation maintained by german computer magazine c't. It includes Node-RED, MQTT (provided by Eclipse Mosquitto), Zigbee-Support (provided by zigbee2mqtt).

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