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mosby - A Model-View-Presenter / Model-View-Intent library for modern Android apps

  •    Java

A Model-View-Presenter and Model-View-Intent library for Android apps. See the project website.

mosby-conductor - Plugin for conductor to integrate Mosby

  •    Java

Plugin for using Mosby with Conductor, a small, yet full-featured framework that allows building View-based Android applications. Extend your own Conductor Controller from MvpController or from MvpViewStateController if you want to use ViewState feature or from or MviController if you want to use the Model-View-Intent feature.

MosbyMVI - Model-View-Intent (MVI) sample app built in Kotlin with Mosby, RxJava and RxBinding

  •    Kotlin

This repo introduces Model-View-Intent pattern on Android using Mosby. I've seen some MVI examples that are much more complex (using State Reducers, etc). The problem is they are harder to grasp for a newcomer who just wants to get a sense of what MVI is about. So I decided to create this basic Hello World example implemented with MVI pattern. Hopefully, after seeing this code, for some of you it will "just click" what MVI on Android is all about and it will pave a way for you to build full-featured apps with MVI going forward.

MosbyMVP - Exploring Mosby and Mosby plugin for Conductor for building Android apps with MVP

  •    Kotlin

This repo explores Mosby and Mosby Conductor plugin implementing MVP pattern. Both Mosby and Conductor have excellent documentation on GitHub and at Hannes Dorfmann's blog.

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