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Mosaic Project


Mosaic makes life easier for all technology enthusiasts and all users that love the MetroUI. Trough Mosaic you no longer have to seek trough dozens of applications to find your information as it displays all your info at one glance. Mosaic is developed in C#

Skipper - An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition

  •    Go

Skipper is an HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition. It's designed to handle >100k HTTP route definitions with detailed lookup conditions, and flexible augmentation of the request flow with filters. It can be used out of the box or extended with custom lookup, filter logic and configuration sources.Skipper provides a default executable command with a few built-in filters. However, its primary use case is to be extended with custom filters, predicates or data sources.



Mosaictor is a per project of mine that I started halfway my education. It is a photo mosaic creator using locally saved files and files obtained through Google Image Search. Currently, the quality of the code is as terrible as the project's name, so I'm looking to improve both.

innkeeper - Simple route management API for Skipper

  •    Scala

When a new instance of Skipper (configured to fetch the routes from Innkeeper) is started, it will connect to Innkeeper, ask for all the routes and initialize its own data structures.Then, at every x minutes will ask innkeeper for the modified routes and update its internal data structures.

mosaic-image-stream - Streaming mosaic of multiple images into a single image

  •    Javascript

Take a 2-D array of input pixel-streams and mosaic them together into a single image. Everything is streams, so you can theoretically mosaic thousands of images into a megapixel image without much memory usage. See examples.

image-layout - A collection of deterministic image layout algorithms written in pure javascript.

  •    Javascript

A collection of deterministic image layout algorithms written in pure javascript that work just as well on a server as in a browser. None of them are tied to the DOM in any way. Simply balances photos into multiple columns.

plone-react - React-based front-end for plone.restapi

  •    Jupyter

Go to http://localhost:4300 in your browser. Please refer this link for all usages.

aerial_mapper - Real-time Dense Point Cloud, Digital Surface Map (DSM) and (Ortho-)Mosaic Generation for UAVs

  •    C++

This work was partially funded by the European FP7 project SHERPA (FP7-600958) and the Federal office armasuisse Science and Technology under project number 050-45. Furthermore, the authors wish to thank Lucas P. Teixeira from the Vision for Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich for sharing scripts that bridge the gap between Blender and Gazebo.

mosaic - Python script for creating photomosaic images

  •    Python

This utility can be used to generate photo-mosaic images, to use it you must have Python installed, along with the Pillow imaging library. As well as an image to use for the photo-mosaic (most common image formats are supported), you will need a large collection of different images to be used as tiles. The tile images can be any shape or size (the utility will automatically crop and resize them) but for good results you will need a lot of them - a few hundred at least. One convenient way of generating large numbers of tile images is to extract screenshots from video files using ffmpeg.

photomosaic.js - A pure JavaScript plugin to create a mosaic of an image.

  •    Javascript

A javascript plugin that creates a photomosaic of an image. Demo is available here. The minimum set of options required to use this plugin are as follows.

tessellate - Server-side React render service.

  •    Javascript

Tessellate is a server-side React service that creates static HTML and a JavaScript bundle from abstract JSON definitions. It is meant to be used as a Fragment as part of the Mosaic stack for micro services in the frontend but can be used independently as well. The next version of tessellate is under development in the next branch of this repository.

Mosaic - Real time Photographic Mosaics for iOS

  •    Swift

Mosaic makes it easy to create Photographic mosaics on still images or live video feeds. Demo of real time mosaic generation. Captured at 60fps on an iPhone 8.

volto - React-based front-end for the Plone and Guillotina Content Management Systems

  •    Javascript

A training on how to create your own website using Volto is available as part of the Plone training at https://training.plone.org/5/volto/index.html. Go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser.


  •    Javascript

This is an example of how to implement a responsive vertical mosaic with drag-and-drop support in ReactJS. Here is the live demo. Here is a "Google Keep like" example using the same approach.

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