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nanomorph - 🚅 - Hyper fast diffing algorithm for real DOM nodes

  •    Javascript

It's common to work with lists of elements on the DOM. Adding, removing or reordering elements in a list can be rather expensive. To optimize this you can add an id attribute to a DOM node. When reordering nodes it will compare nodes with the same ID against each other, resulting in far fewer re-renders. This is especially potent when coupled with DOM node caching. Sometimes we want to tell the algorithm to not evaluate certain nodes (and its children). This can be because we're sure they haven't changed, or perhaps because another piece of code is managing that part of the DOM tree. To achieve this nanomorph evaluates the .isSameNode() method on nodes to determine if they should be updated or not.

nanocomponent - 🚃 - create performant HTML components

  •    Javascript

Native DOM components that pair nicely with DOM diffing algorithms. These are some common patterns you might encounter when writing components.

marko-vdom - Virtual DOM implementation for Marko

  •    HTML

Virtual DOM implementation for use with Marko and/or morphdom

awesome-yo-yo - Modules & resources related to yo-yo


Modules & resources related to the yo-yo module. A tiny library for building modular UI components using DOM diffing and ES6 tagged template literals, powered by bel and morphdom and based on the "yo-yo" data binding pattern: data down, actions up.

elementx - :zap: Functionally create DOM elements and compose them to a tree quickly

  •    Javascript

​⚡️​ Create complex DOM elements/trees using a functional approach. This module provides an alternative to JSX or template strings for those who want to build up their DOM trees using plain function composition.

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