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mapbox-gl-js - Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL

  •    Javascript

Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web. It takes map styles that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using WebGL.Mapbox GL JS is part of the cross-platform Mapbox GL ecosystem, which also includes compatible native SDKs for applications on Android, iOS, macOS, Qt, and React Native. Mapbox provides building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any experience you create. To get started with GL JS or any of our other building blocks, sign up for a Mapbox account.

mapbox-gl-native - Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in native Android, iOS, macOS, Node

  •    C++

A library for embedding interactive, customizable vector maps into native applications on multiple platforms. It takes stylesheets that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using OpenGL. Mapbox GL JS is the WebGL-based counterpart, designed for use on the Web.If your platform or hybrid application framework isn’t listed here, consider embedding Mapbox GL JS using the standard Web capabilities on your platform.

lerna - A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages

  •    Javascript

A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.Splitting up large codebases into separate independently versioned packages is extremely useful for code sharing. However, making changes across many repositories is messy and difficult to track, and testing across repositories gets complicated really fast. Lerna is a tool that optimizes the workflow around managing multi-package repositories with git and npm.

nteract - 📘 The interactive computing suite for you! ✨

  •    Javascript

nteract is first and foremost a dynamic tool to give you flexibility when writing code, exploring data, and authoring text to share insights about the data. Edit code, write prose, and visualize.

cerebral - Declarative state and side effects management for popular JavaScript frameworks

  •    Javascript

The entire Cerebral codebase has been rewritten to encourage contributions. The code is cleaned up, commented and all code is in a "monorepo". That means you can run tests across projects and general management of the code is simplified a lot. The packages are located under packages folder and there is no need to run npm install for each package.

lite - Split a repository to read-only standalone repositories

  •    Go

splitsh-lite replaces the subtree split Git built-in command to make splitting a monolithic repository to read-only standalone repositories easy and fast. Both strategies work well and both have drawbacks as well. splitsh helps use both strategies by providing tools that automatically synchronize a monolithic repository to standalone repositories in real-time.

travis-cookbooks - Chef cookbook monolithic repo :book: :bomb:

  •    Ruby

Travis cookbooks are collections of Chef cookbooks used with Chef for setting up Linux VMs for running tests and Travis internal machines.The wrapper cookbooks that compose together the cookbooks found here live over in the Travis CI Infrastructure Packer Templates repository.

origin - Monorepo for our developer tools and decentralized application

  •    Javascript

Visit our Developer's page to learn more about what we're building and how to get involved. You can see the Origin ecosystem in action at https://dapp.originprotocol.com.

oao - A Yarn-based, opinionated monorepo management tool

  •    Javascript

A Yarn-based, opinionated monorepo management tool.This uses the local oao package inside your monorepo.

uikit - 🛠 Component code and tests for the design system

  •    HTML

The UI-Kit for the Australian Government Design System. The GOV.AU UI-Kit is distributed through the npm ecosystem and can only be installed through the npm command. Npm requires node.js and the UI-Kit needs a node.js 5 or higher.

web-build-tools - A tool box for large scale web development

  •    TypeScript

This repo hosts a collection of tools and libraries used to build web projects at Microsoft.API Extractor helps you build better TypeScript libraries. It standardizes your exported API surface, generates your online API reference, and makes it easy to detect and review changes that will impact your API contract.

fsqio - A monorepo that holds all of Foursquare's opensource projects

  •    Scala

All Foursquare code lives in a single repository, an architecture generally called a monorepo. Fsq.io is a subset of that internal monorepo. Fsq.io holds many of Foursquare's open source projects that had previously lived in their own separate Github repos. Foursquare contributes to a build tool specifically designed to work with monorepos called Pants. The entire Fsq.io repo is is built and tested by Pants.Deploying directly from our monorepo has some nice advantages, for consumers of our open source projects as well as Foursquare itself. The entire repo is built daily by our CIs and internal contributions are open sourced automatically without the overhead of publishing. This repo will always contain the latest code that we use internally, all of the tools can be built just as we use them, directly from HEAD.

syncpack - Manage multiple package.json files in Lerna Monorepos

  •    TypeScript

Manage multiple package.json files, such as packages/*/package.json in Lerna Monorepos.

yall - Yarn/npm for monorepos

  •    TypeScript

Yarn workflow for monorepos (projects with multiple apps/packages within). Because I didn't check yet how well workspaces can work out (I see some issues with them). And there is need in good tool that would support container based dev workflow, including watching and running efficient installations in multiple nested locations.

monoreaper - :seedling: Create a monorepo by merging multiple github repositories

  •    Shell

Merge multiple GitHub repositories into a monorepo while preserving commit history. Each repo will live as a subdirectory. The above script will create a monorepo directory with a README.md file and subdirectores repo0 and repo1. Note only the default branches of each repo will be included.

fast-dna - A set of tooling, resources, and components used to accelerate building Web sites and applications

  •    TypeScript

FAST-DNA is tooling, resources, and components used to accelerate building Web sites and applications. Teams spend significant time building parts of the design system (colors, variable font, typography, grid, components, etc.) which can slow adoption of the latest design guidelines and related technologies. FAST-DNA solves this problem by providing tooling and resources to accelerate development with code that is performant and accessible. Many of the resources are written to be framework agnostic and will work with any component library and JavaScript framework (React, Angular, etc.). We also support a number of React-specific packages for UI generation.

jsonnet-libs - Grafana Labs' Jsonnet libraries

  •    Makefile

consul-mixin: A set of reuseable and extensible dashboards and alerts for running Hashicorp's Consul. grafana-builder: A library for building Grafana dashboards with jsonnet, following the builder pattern.