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NoSQLMap - Automated NoSQL database enumeration and web application exploitation tool.

  •    Python

NoSQLMap is an open source Python tool designed to audit for as well as automate injection attacks and exploit default configuration weaknesses in NoSQL databases and web applications using NoSQL in order to disclose or clone data from the database. Originally authored by @tcsstool and now maintained by @codingo_ NoSQLMap is named as a tribute to Bernardo Damele and Miroslav's Stampar's popular SQL injection tool sqlmap. Its concepts are based on and extensions of Ming Chow's excellent presentation at Defcon 21, "Abusing NoSQL Databases".

qmgo - Qmgo - The Go driver for MongoDB

  •    Go

Qmgo is a Go driver for MongoDB . It is based on MongoDB official driver, but easier to use like mgo (such as the chain call). Qmgo allows users to use the new features of MongoDB in a more elegant way.

mongodb-enterprise-kubernetes - MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator


Welcome to the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator. The Operator enables easy deploys of MongoDB into Kubernetes clusters, using our management, monitoring and backup platforms, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager. By installing this integration, you will be able to deploy MongoDB instances with a single simple command. Please note that this project is currently in beta, and is not yet recommended for production use.

iniciando-mongodb - Dicas e comandos de Mongodb para usar diretamente no terminal/command


Ao utilizar o mongodb dependendo da linguagem utilizada os métodos podem mudar um pouco, é sempre bom entender o que está acontecendo por debaixo do panos. Nessa trilha irei mostrar como executar comandos básicos diretamente no terminal/command line. O MongoDB é um banco de dados não relacional baseado em documentos, que trabalha com databases e collections (as collections são como as tabelas no sql, me julgue) para iniciar irei listar alguns comandos básicos. Usando esse comando, o mongo irá te mostrar todos os databases existentes. Cuidado, databases sem nenhum conteúdo, pois eles não apareceram na lista.

voter-service - The Voter Spring Boot RESTful Web Service, backed by MongoDB, and uses RabbitMQ for IPC

  •    Java

The Voter Spring Boot Service is a RESTful Web Service, backed by MongoDB, using Atlas on GCP, and RabbitMQ, using CloudAMQP on GCP. It is part of the Voter API (see diagram below). The Voter service exposes several HTTP API endpoints, listed below. API users can review a list candidates, submit a vote, view voting results, and inspect technical information about the running service. The service uses a context path of /voter. All endpoints must be are prefixed with this sub-path.

lowdefy-example-crud - A basic CRUD example app built with Lowdefy.


View this example. This example shows patterns to implement a data admin app which allows users to view, create new, edit and delete data records.

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