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crocks - A collection of well known Algebraic Data Types for your utter enjoyment.

  •    Javascript

crocks is a collection of popular Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) that are all the rage in functional programming. You have heard of things like Maybe and Either and heck maybe even IO, that is what these are. The main goal of crocks is to curate and provide not only a common interface between each type (where possible of course), but also provide all of the helper functions needed to hit the ground running. There are many options to use crocks to suit the needs of your, projects. When used on the backend or in an environment where size is not a big concern, the entire lib can be brought in and the various elements can be either be plucked off of or referenced by the namespace.

node-chainsaw - Build chainable fluent interfaces the easy way in node

  •    Javascript

Build chainable fluent interfaces the easy way in node.js.With this meta-module you can write modules with chainable interfaces. Chainsaw takes care of all of the boring details and makes nested flow control super simple too.

LLVM-JVM - [W.I.P] A Just-In-Time Java Virtual Machine written in Haskell

  •    Haskell

LLVM-JVM is an attempt at creating a Java Virtual Machine with Just-In-Time compilation that uses LLVM as the backend, similar to Azul System's. This project, however, is an educational one and likely will never be production-ready. This project has been funded by Bloomsburg University's Professional Experience Grant (PEG). LLVM-JVM uses a ripped and modified version of MateVM's runtime, while supplying its own frontend to LLVM. As such, everything contained in the 'MateVMRuntime' folder is code that belongs to the original authors, and I do not take credit for anything other than the modest changes I make, if any.

loquat2 - Monadic parser combinator library for JS

  •    Javascript

Monadic parser combinator library for JavaScript, inspired by (and almost clone of) Parsec. Issues and pull requests are welcome! Please read contributing guidelines first when you make a contribution.