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Steal - Universal module loader

  •    Javascript

steal is unique because it can load JavaScript modules defined in ES6, AMD, and CommonJS formats (unlike most other module loaders, which only support one of these formats at a time). In JavaScript, the word "modules" refers to small units of independent, reusable code. They are the foundation of many JavaScript design patterns, and can look like this in ES6.

Webpack - A bundler for javascript and friends

  •    Javascript

Webpack is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also capable of transforming, bundling, or packaging just about any resource or asset.

conditioner - 💆🏻 Frizz free, context-aware, JavaScript modules

  •    Javascript

Conditioner provides a straight forward Progressive Enhancement based solution for linking JavaScript modules to DOM elements. Modules can be linked based on contextual parameters like viewport size and element visibilty making Conditioner your perfect Responsive Design companion. Mount a component (like a Date Picker, Section Toggler or Carrousel), but only do it on wide viewports and when the user has seen it.

es-module-loader - Polyfill for the ES Module Loader

  •    Javascript

Provides low-level hooks for creating ES module loaders, roughly based on the API of the WhatWG loader spec, but with adjustments to match the current proposals for the HTML modules specification, unspecified WhatWG changes, and NodeJS ES module adoption. Supports the loader import and registry API with the System.register module format to provide exact module loading semantics for ES modules in environments today. In addition, support for the System.registerDynamic is provided to allow the linking of module graphs consisting of inter-dependent ES modules and CommonJS modules with their respective semantics retained.

esri-loader - A tiny library to help load ArcGIS API for JavaScript modules in non-Dojo applications

  •    Javascript

A tiny library to help load modules from either the 4.x or 3.x versions of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in non-Dojo applications. See below for more information on why this library is needed and how it can help improve application load performance and allow using the ArcGIS API in isomorphic/universal applications.

tarp.require - A lightweight & asynchronous JavaScript loader for CommonJS and NodeJS modules.

  •    Javascript

Important notice: Tarp.require is the replacement of Smoothie. It introduces a number of new features and improvements, so it is recommended to use Tarp.require from now on. Please read the migration documentation for further information. Tarp.require is a CommonJS and Node.js compatible module loader licensed as open source under the LGPL v3. It aims to be as lightweight as possible while not missing any features.


  •    Javascript

Qoopido.demand is a modular, flexible and 100% async JavaScript module loader with a promise like interface that utilizes localStorage as a caching layer. It comes in a rather tiny package of ~7kB minified and gzipped. Qoopido.demand originated from my daily use of require.js for the initial development of my Qoopido.nucleus library which is strictly atomic by nature, unbundled.

ykit - 基于 Webpack 的灵活快速的打包工具,帮助稳定高效构建现代 JavaScript 应用。

  •    Javascript

基于 Webpack 的灵活快速的打包工具,帮助稳定高效构建现代 JavaScript 应用。

ember-esri-loader - An Ember addon to allow lazy loading the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in Ember applications

  •    Javascript

An Ember addon that wraps the esri-loader library to allow lazy loading and preloading the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in Ember applications. View it live.

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