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Andromeda - Andromeda simplifies local/remote communication for Android modularization

  •    Java

Andromeda provides communication among modules for both local and remote service. Anno:The reason that differentiate local service from remote service is that parameter types in remote service can only be primitive type or custom type that implements Parcelable, while parameter types in local service can be any type such as View and Context.



Welcome to OSGi.NET, here we’are sharing anything about OSGi for .NET or OSGi.NET, whatever you call it.

s-pipe - http://tarruda.github.io/s-pipe

  •    Javascript

The main function in library can be used with node.js streams, arrays, strings, numbers(as ranges).

scala-sculpt - Dependency extraction for Scala codebases, to aid in modularizing

  •    Scala

Sculpt is a compiler plugin for analyzing the dependency structure of Scala source code. This is unfinished, unmaintained software. We are releasing it as open source as a public service with the hopes the code will be useful to someone.

DecouplingKit - decoupling between modules in your iOS Project. iOS模块化过程中模块间解耦方案

  •    Objective-C

DecouplingKit, decoupling between modules in your iOS Project. DecouplingKit only one class DKServiceManager, used to load the service list DKService.plist, the service is a business's protocol, there are other business needs to call the method, attributes and so on. DKService.plist includes service and impl, service is protocol, impl is the implementation of the protocol class.