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insobot - C99 modular IRC bot with markov chains

  •    C

Module based IRC bot written in C with markov chains and stuff. To run your own insobot instance, see this quickstart guide , other pages in the wiki, and the files 'insobot.sh.example' and 'src/config.h'.

Sporth - A small stack-based audio language.

  •    C

Sporth (short for SoundPipe fORTH), is a small stack-based musical language, roughly inspired by stack languages like Forth and PostScript. This will generate a 5 second audio clip of sound.

libmodule - C library to easily create modular projects

  •    C

Libmodule is a C library targeting linux aiming to let developers easily create modular C projects in a way which is both simple and elegant. You will write less code, focusing on what really matters. Please note that the library actually builds and works on macOS and BSD too. See Portability.