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magento2-easy-template-path-hints - Magento 2 Easy Template Path Hints

  •    PHP

Magento 2 Easy Template Path Hints is used to enable the template path hints on the fly just by using query strings.

url-rewrites - Magento 1.x module to target the URL Rewrite issue

  •    PHP

Magento 1.9 CE has an url rewrite issue. Magento create the extra entities (duplicates) in 'core_url_rewrite' tables on each reindexing of 'Catalog URL Rewrites'. This Magento module targets this issue and prevents creating duplicates in 'core_url_rewrites' table. However, if you have the running Magento installation, you probably have the duplicates in the database. This repository contains a dedicated Shell script that allows you to remove the duplicates from the database. If you don't want to remove all entities (this makes sense for SEO reasons, since the existing URLs might be cached by search engines) you should use an additional argument --except 'number'. With this additional argument script will delete all records except last 'number' rows.

magento - :electric_plug: MundiPagg Magento 1.X Module (new API Integration)

  •    PHP

This is the official Magento module for new Mundipagg API integration. Modman is a project which helps developers to centralize extension code when the environment forces you to mix your code with the core files. For more information, refer to modman.

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