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generator-browserify - A generator for Yeoman with Browserify

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3. Also features your choice of using gulp.js or grunt.js.

generator-web - Generate a front-end website

  •    Javascript

Build a modern website with h5bp, bootstrap 3, jquery (and modernizr, underscore, Font Awesome). Uses bower for dependencies and grunt for tasks. For more information on what generator-web can do for you, take a look at the Grunt tasks used in our package.json.

Generator-Roots-Child - A Yeoman Generator for scaffolding a Roots child theme based on options input

  •    PHP

A Yeoman generator for scaffolding a custom Roots child theme. A Roots child theme generator for WordPress. Choose between Sass Bootstrap, LESS Bootstrap or CSS bootstrap, optionally include Modernizr with leaner builds and Grunt for all tasks.

angus - Declarative build tool for the web.

  •    Javascript

A declarative build tool for the web, favoring convention over configuration. Having these build steps generated for you becomes a maintenance nightmare when you want to change something.